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Today, I started my research project on horror stories and people's fascination with them. I did some research and wound up reading H.P. Lovecraft. On the upside, I can now pee more easily. On the downside, it's likely to be in my pants. FML
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Well thank you 16 for replying instead of just pressing thumbs down.


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I think ill look H.P. lovecraft's work.

Kinda like your comment, Mr. 1. Horrifyingly shit, that is.

As is your grammar, 14. Horrifying shit, or horrifyingly shitty. Pick one.

H.P. Lovecraft is awesome. Gave us Cthulhu and is considered by many in the literature arts to be better than Edgar Alan Poe.

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Oh I didn't mean H.P. Lovecraft I'd horrifying I meant that the pissing was

Horrifying doesnt begin to describe lovecraft. Great works of science fiction

37- it's not even the grammar fail that sucked about 14s comment, just how hard he tried to make fun of the first comment...he failed miserably

14- It's shit, horrifyingly so. Are you saying "it's horrifying bad" is right and "it's horrifyingly bad" is wrong as well? Read #66's comment and apply it to own.

Chill your nutsack number 37 this AINT NO language arts class!

#39 & #65, thank you! I can't agree more. #70, there's a reason they teach Language Arts in school.

68 - Perhaps you should reread my comment. Nowhere in it did I say anything that would imply "it's horrifying bad" would be correct, nor did I say "it's horrifyingly bad" would be incorrect. Bad is an adjective, and may be modified by an adverb. Shit however, is a noun, and may NOT be modified by an adverb. Think before you type.

Why the hell does so many first few comments get so many thumps down?! What is the problem? "Horrifying" too bad for a comment? Should it have some joke making fun of OP or something saying "at least..." like on every ******* single other FML? You people are ******* weird.

#111- "Shit" is listed as an adjective as well in most reputable dictionaries, so you're wrong. Do you want to know how I know that? Because I looked it up. Maybe you should do the same before trying to correct people.

I did. I happen to own a dictionary as well, and in it, shit is listed as a noun, and a verb. Not as an adjective. However, there is an adjective derivation listed, "shitty".

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115 - Dislike trolls, they're everywhere. I think that they're teaming up with the grammar nazis.

#130-- I don't think I've ever actually heard it used as an adjective... :/ Are you sure that's not nonstandard English? I looked it up too, and all the dictionaries (including Websters) I used didn't list it as an adjective (isn't "shitty" the adjectival form of "shit"?) Which dictionaries did you use?

Good lord just let it go already. You're not going to win, ever, because no matter how wrong you are you're not going to admit it, especially on the internet.

But I just joined in, and now I'm seriously curious! So far, what I've found is that the use of "shit" as an adjective is nonstandard British slang, and that while it's always listed as a noun and a verb, it's not always listed as an adjective. I have yet to check the OED, but the only dictionary I found that listed it as an adjective was the Wiktionary...

Oh my god , shut up . It's the Internet not school.

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Can't tell if its a Billy Madison reference.... Or if your just retarded

11-Can't tell if lazy, or YOU'RE just retarded as well..

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Why did 28 get thumbed down? I thought their comment was rather clever

67 - because of the people who go around thumbing down peoples comments. Or as i like to call them, FML communists.

#72, judging people for their political ideologies for the win!

28- based on the 30:0 thumbs up ratio, I'd say your the one who is retarded

Remember OP, diapers will be your friend when going pee in your pants!

I'm hoping this is a Billy Madison reference, because I can assure you, "peein in yo pants" is not cool.

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Season 3 started tonight! Yeah boyeeeee

Well thank you 16 for replying instead of just pressing thumbs down.

Anytime, didn't get why so many were thumbing down w/o answering.

Basically, it is a lot of sci-fi horror short stories that are written as if factual events. :)

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People are so weird these days. Posting random stuff on the Internet. So if you try to look things up you can't tell the facts from the fiction.

That's why there's this thing people invented. They gave it a very unusual name: "library"

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7- Yes, that gets annoying when people do that. 34- I laughed so loudly in the bathroom that I got weird looks when I came out.

46- sorry for causing you that awkward moment. ;)

Something called cross referencing could fix this problem.

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That's ok! It was worth it!

Glad to know! ;) Hope no one disowned you, though! ;D

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Psh, Dad did that 15 years ago.

Hey it's a good excuse to get out of class when that paper is due!

Try not to pee while you're giving your report presentation.

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Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!