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Today, I casually mentioned to my mom that my boyfriend of two years and I were thinking about moving in together. She looked me dead in the eye and said if I ever moved out, she'd throw me out of the house. I'm confused. FML
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Oh wow! It actually got posted! I'm the OP here, and I'm 19, the reason I'm confused is because when I finished high school he and I were going to move down to Florida together so I could go to college, and I got really sick, so we stayed here. My mom was completely fine with it when we were going to move out of state but now that we're moving to the apartment complex not even a mile away. I asked her for clarification and she told me that I knew what she meant. So I asked my dad, and he told me the same thing. I think they might be screwing with me.

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The good old, "you can't fire me...I quit!" trick

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She's probably just ******* with you


trellz17 19

She's probably just ******* with you

Not really.. Mother and daughter **** exist.. There is probably a person for any type of fetish you could think of..

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^ How to turn a well-meaning comment into a conversation about mother/daughter **** in just three easy steps!

Just because something exists doesn't mean it isn't strange... If a requirement for something being strange was that it did not exist, then no strange things would exist.

#26, are one of those rules; if you can think of it, it's already been made into a ****? And literally anything haha.

My mother threatened to unplug my computer more than once. I was using my laptop each time.

Maybe shes literally gonna throw u out if u move like not let u walk out , idk im confused too. Lol

If it was me, I'd have meant, "I'm gonna come over to your new house, and throw you outta there!"

Confused also me too like confuse I also.

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Maybe she meant if you announce that you are actually going to move, like in two weeks when the apartment is ready, she is going to throw out all of your stuff and kick you out before your actual move date screwing you over a little?

Are you thinking of moving in to your mother's house (or parents' house) or into a seperate house? It sounds like you are thinking of moving your BF in to your mother's..

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No. It sounds like she wants to move out of her mom's house and in with her boyfriend. Reading comprehension. You're doing it wrong.

That made no sense. If someone wants to move in together.. It mostly means get a place or if he/she already had one that op would move there.. Not into the parents house.

Well I'm from Estonia and not from a English speaking country, do you expect me to speak English flawlessly?

No but we do expect you not to go bandying around stupid suggestions if you don't understand the context.

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Don't worry 86. You speak better English than a lot of people that learned it as a first language here in the US.

The good old, "you can't fire me...I quit!" trick

Look her dead in the eye and say if she threw you out of the house, you'd move out. Idk i'm confused too, but maybe that'll mean something to her...

I suggest you strap yourself down with some weights.

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I could tell you swear when you start of your sentence with "******* parents."

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I LOLed at 18 way harder than a grown adult should.

I could tell he swears when he said the word '*******'.

Why would you tell us that? ******* parents is disgusting

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#12, isn't that a little redundant? If it weren't for *******, they wouldn't become parents.

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#18.. Smartass, i love you xD

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I saw him first 43! He's mine!

My guess is that you wouldn't be able to come back? Or she wants the justification of throwing you out instead of you willingly going.

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She'll invite you over for lunch then throw you out before you can eat.