By hcfan - Australia
Today, a customer came in to the Pizza store where I work and complained that the food they had purchased had a strand of black hair in it. After some deliberation, my boss decided to fire me. He is the only staff member there with black hair. I shaved my hair 2 weeks ago. FML
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By  Sirobin  |  0

That happened to someone I worked with, except everyone working at the time had a shaved head, and the only one with hair was the customer. He didn't get fired though...

By  ammali  |  0

I hate all these stories about people being fired for the most BS reasons. Did you point out that you had shaved your hair and it couldn't possibly be yours?


yea I know what you mean my sister got fired for not taking out the garbage at the same exact time. it was only by a minute. she worked there for 5 years and they did that.

By  Chris968  |  0

That really sucks man. Maybe he wanted to fire you (b/c the economy or something) but just needed a reason to. Do you have a union or something? I would fight this one, it's pretty obvious it wasn't you.