By 1Nsan3 - 13/12/2014 06:27 - Canada - Toronto
Today, after months of correcting him, I got so used to my boss calling me "Alex" that I didn't respond to my own name several times today. FML
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Op here forgot to mention name tags break company dress code sadly
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  MrSassypants  |  32

"Alex is really slacking off at work. I need you to make sure he gets fired."

"Sir, there is no Alex that works here."

"Looks like you already took care of it before I even told you! Great job!"

By  wondercat40  |  27

My Dad had something like that happen too! His boss called him "Po." His name is Greg. Eventually he just gave up trying to correct him because his boss was fixated on the name Po like a tick on a cat.