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By Anonymous - 29/04/2012 19:26 - United States - Rapid City

Today, I drove for hours to attend a martial arts tournament, and then I waited ages for it to finally start. I lost in less than a minute. FML
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porcupineattack1 5

I'm sensing a lack of falcon punching.

Hey, there is no shame in losing to Jet Li.


Hey, there is no shame in losing to Jet Li.

If you were that bad why would you go through all that effort ydi

boredblonde 17

There's never shame in losing; you just have to make sure to learn from your mistakes :)

9 - Don't be a douche, bro. OP might be amazing and simply got pwned by a master.

K_kanaka 26

OP did the dude that beat you win the tournament? Cause if so then you can say that you lost to the champ.

Faelwyn 3

Wow, 9, I bet you would have kicked the guy's ass and then won the tournament, right? Please tell us all about how tough you are.

porcupineattack1 5

Jet Li? Shit, wrong hall! I was here to see Bruce lee! *goes off to a cinema*

eastsidesoldier 7

Ur lucky This website has me on probation-_-

Think of it as, only one can win the tournament, everyone else loses. You're just fitting in!

45-Purely out of curiosity, what would you if you weren't on 'probation'?

unoffensivename 0

You learn a line from a win,and a book from a loss.

Ip man would kick Jet Li's and Bruce Lee's ass. At the same time.

Damn 83, you beat me to it. But I'm learning Win Chun (the martial art used in Ip Man) right now, and it's insane! It's the only martial art I know that expects you to be relaxed while kicking someone's ass.

83- well duh, ip man was Bruce lee's shifu! You don't mess with the yong chun masters! Edit: they could both kick chuck Norris' ass too! YouTube, here I come again!

What about chuck Norris?! Oh, he's too sneaky that's why no one brought him up

If I saw I was fighting Jet-Li I would of packed up my shit and left that instance...

It's a woman's martial art true fact. Can't remember the history of it. It's pretty though.

It's a woman's martial art true fact. Can't remember the history of it. It's pretty though.

Not sure if many people have heard of him but Tony Jaa is pretty much a martial arts tank too.

HonestTruth 5

Did you get kicked all the way home *chuckle*

porcupineattack1 5

He should find the local asian janitor who works downstairs and have him train him.

This calls for an epic training montage.

It all depends he could have fought a much more experienced person. Op could have had 10 fights while his opponent had 30. I had that experience with my first boxing tournament, I had 5 fights she had 15. I lost but hey it was a good experience and I learned a lot.

MichellinMan 20

yes... an epic training montage with epic music.

DontModMeDammit 10

On any day any one can win, I know from my experience one bad choice can lead to a tap, everyone gets tapped out (not assuming this was a bjj tournament), but I would bet you won't make the same mistake again.

DarkHelmet 10
sovetskiy 8

In every competition, someone has to lose first. OP was just that guy.

You're meme picture matches the comment.

porcupineattack1 5

I'm sensing a lack of falcon punching.

Are you referring to the video game: 'super smash bros melee' where there was that bird thing that always said "Falcon PUNCH!" when you presses A? Haha I loved that game!

64- Captain Falcon (yes, that is his name) was on SSB:M, but that isn't where he was...debuted, per se. He had his own line of games, but I can't remember for the life of me what their names were. And no, he wasn't a bird.

72- Captain Falcon is originally from F-Zero, which was in the original Nintendo. However, F-Zero X was a much more popular title and was for the N64. He was also in some F-Zero 'something something' game for the gamecube... Which completely sucked.

FEZ16 3

110- No, you are thinking of Falco, not Captain Falcon. Falco is Fox McClouds bad-ass bird comrade.

m1zark 11

f-zero bro... he was a racer

i couldve sworn f zero debuted on the super nintendo...and that in ssbm he said "falco punch" instead of "falcon punch"

Unicornszxcvb 6

The same way I finish that fast....

Faelwyn 3

20 - By nervousness, lack of practice and a lack of people to practice on? Because those could apply to both you and OP.

Because he got his ass kicked. Any other questions?

cc_the_beast 6

Same thing happened to me, except I was beating a much higher belt and accidentally kicked her in the head, as it was a school comp I was automatically disqualified. **** that sucked.

Practice makes perfect OP. If you keep trying you will get better...

razzledazzle21 23

Unless you practice the wrong way..

As my music instructor says, practice makes permanent.

If at first you don't succeed, avoid sky diving.

boredblonde 17

Well you learned something: patience is a virtue.

That and the person needs alot more training

Now you must train harder for revenge, OP-san!

It's ok, it's not like many people were watching and took video of it....oh wait.

Agree with #3, should have done some falcon punching or at least try a haaidoken!

The force wasn't with you, I take it?

maz255 10

12- your profile made me laugh my balls off...i must now make a long and terrible journey to find them

Hey, That's longer than a lot of guys can last in bed, so kudos!

mactownizback 5

Really you should try it and see how long you last!