By overpriced coffee shop worker - 17/11/2012 18:35 - United States - Rowland Heights

Today, while working at the coffee shop, I had to empty the garbage cans. One of the bags gave way, and all the half-finished cups of coffee spilled all over my uniform. Most customers' orders cost more than I make per hour. FML
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Drink a big cup of joe and venti some of that frustration out.

That doesn't sound like a very flavorable position you've bean placed into. Try milking your boss for all you're worth, you might get a latte money! Hey, it's worth a shot!


Oh wow, that really sucks...

It's real easy to spend $8.00 for coffee.

Drink a big cup of joe and venti some of that frustration out.

Well this is why you learn a marketable skill and make something of your life.

39- Not only did you thread jack the shit out of 2, you also managed to make yourself sound like a complete douche. Well done, you killed two birds with one stone.

Op is just under a latte frustration about being underpaid so they came here hoping to espresso their frustration.

At 39, how do you know op isnt in high school or working their way through school. That was extremely ignorant and dumb of you.

Don't worry OP, I'm sure you'll be able to find a good paying job soon! Just look at this like a necessary stage everyone goes through, the "crappy job" stage.

Oh man you speak the truth! Except my "crappy job" stage has turned into "crappy job" life.. Oops.

You can blame your state and all the electoral college votes they gave to obama, this isn't just a " stage " it's an epidemic and it won't be cured for a long damn time.

Your shop must have a very low budget to be paying employees minimun wage AND still without being able to afford real plastic bags instead of those cheap-ass store brands. Are you working for Mr. Krabbs?

If Mr. Krabs owns the Stary Starbucks.

Ah... To live in a place where as an untrained casual I get $25-$50 per hour plus tips. I feel for you op. FYL.

No you dont. You're clearly rubbing it in! Plain as day

#17, hey, give Xena a break. She obviously getss paid in drachmas and has screwed up the conversion rate. She may be a warrior princess, but she ain't no Archimedes, if you know what I mean ;)

Xena- You would feel for OP if you were the untrained casual that gets 10 bucks an hour where everyone else gets the $25-50.

Strippers make a lot an hour so as an untrained casual they just might lol

How would you know.... I clean cars and can get up to $50 an hour.

Welcome to the real world

Wow, that sounds like either very expensive coffee or you're making 3$ per hour! Even if this FML didn't happen, it'd still be a FYL!

About after taxes if making minimum wage, its about $6.50 an hour, if most customers get two drinks thats probably $6-$8. So it would make sense.

Minimum wage is 7.50 per hour the taxes come out of the total check not out of ur hourly rate.. And a large cup of coffee is about 7$ depending on Wut u get 5$ for a medium so her job must just have really expensive coffee or she just felt like bein a whiner

Actually what 27 is saying is correct. If I make $9/hr and I take my net pay, let's say $280 for 40 hrs after taxes, that comes to $7/hr. Minimum wage is different for every state, it's not $7.50 everywhere.

Large coffee for $7? Apparently I must be buying coloured water since it only costs $1.85. How gullible am I?

But they aren't knocking off ur pay per hour they are taking it out with taxes from ur net pay.. Ur still getting paid 7.50 or wutever per hour that doesn't change just because taxes are taken out.. And ya starbucks is expensive don't be stupid it may not be 7$ for a large but I was trying to see how the coffee was more than the girl made per hour.. So either she makes extremely little or the coffee is extremely high.. So let's put this together now

AMAd: taxes are a percentage. Try this on a calculator, (10x.2) + (10x.2)=? Now do 20x .2=? It does not matter when you calculate the tax. Per hour or per the total it is the same.

52- speciality coffees. They are more expensive. Also, go to Europe and by a cup of coffee. It is more like a shot glass size for 4-6 euros.

That doesn't sound like a very flavorable position you've bean placed into. Try milking your boss for all you're worth, you might get a latte money! Hey, it's worth a shot!

That was pretty impressive actually, bravo.

You could espresso your rage by popping a cappuccino in his ass.

I envy the pun skills of everyone on this site.

Dang hippies and their overpriced coffee! *storms off in old fart rampage*

I guess you're talking about wannabe hipsters. Real hippies don't like to waste money, and reuse their coffee mug :)

And a lot make their own coffee to save time and make it perfect.

Unfortunately people who get paid the least do the most. Sorry man