By alwaysxgettingxshitxon - 03/07/2009 00:18 - United States

Today, I was working at the library. Some punks thought it would be funny to shit in a book, close it and return it in the drop box. The fact that it was sitting outside in the ninety degree heat for a couple hours did not help the stench; it was everywhere and I had to clean the mess. FML
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ah! as a daughter of a librarian...i grew up in libraries and surrounded by the book rules...that physically hurts me!!! lol

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ewww why are people so immature now-a-days?


ah! as a daughter of a librarian...i grew up in libraries and surrounded by the book rules...that physically hurts me!!! lol

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oh I know right! I think something inside me just died after reading this.

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How could anyone do such a thing to a book? I could not physically force myself to do something like that. It would go againsy every fiber of my being.

Worked in a library for three years and i gotta say, if someone tried this i'd hurl the shit covered book at their head

As a lover of books in general this drives me crazy! Libraries keep records of who has checked out their books. I say hunt them down and make their parents pay to replace every book in the drop box or take their kid to court for destruction of property/vandalism.

Why their parents? Make THEM. The parents didn't do it. They obviously didn't raise their children to be respectful, but the kids (I'm assuming teens..) can learn it the hard way. If not now, then when they are adults and get in trouble with the law.

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ewww why are people so immature now-a-days?

Kids must have nothing else to do these days. To the OP, that's fucking disgusting. I agree with #3- find the last person who borrowed it and seek revenge. :P

It was a book review: "shitty book."

#14, wow. "Kids must have nothing else to do these days". way to assume. it could of just as likely been an adult. possibly drunk. id actually believe that a drunk adult did that rather than some kids with nothing else to do.

Adults must have nothing else to do these days, if they're posting on FML

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Actually, kids DON'T have anything better to do then cause problems for other people. I'm a teen and I know for a fact that most kids would rather get into trouble becuase it's something to DO. OP, find out who had the book last and WHOOP THEIR ASS!

#14 Yeah they do, they watch Jonas Brothers all day long -.-

you do know teens who do that dont watch those assholes they suck only girls like them you moron

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#130. or a drunk kid

"Nowadays"? Children have always been mischievous.

How disgusting. Stupid kids. Did you clean it out or throw it out? Try finding the person who last borrowed it and kick his ass.

It's really not that hard.. when you check it in, it shows up who had it out last. Any half-assed librarian would call the last borrower and obviously fine him/her.

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oh my lord. that's terrible. I feel bad for laughing.... :p

you should've thrown the book out so they would've ended up having to pay for it....libraries charge insane amounts for unreturned books.

They'll still have to pay for destroying it, and maybe for the rest of the books in the bin.

Ahhh, that just kills me a little inside, being a book lover and having worked at a library before. I feel your pain 

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Wow. Definately FYL. I will never understand how some people get amused by shitting in/on inappropriate places. 

Poor you... that would suck... some people are so stupid... why would they shit in a book.... some people have too much free time...

or too little common sense...

Brutal! Favorite!

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Did you think it was funny?