By whyyyy - 17/6/2020 05:05


Today, my daughter shaved her head in solidarity for a friend who went bald from cancer. Normally this would be an amazing gesture. Unfortunately, her “friend” is a fictional character from a book she’s reading. My daughter had almost 24-inch long hair. FML
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Her reasoning is a little off, or at least the one she gave you. I remember getting bored when i was 7 and chopping my hair off on a whim, then telling my mom I was copying Mulan bc it seemed like a better excuse. But honestly that much hair is a lot of upkeep, and like someone else said.. it's hair, it grows back and it's not yours.

By  daisythebunny1988  |  9

its just hair and long hair is alot of work, I grow mine out really long for a few years at a time then get it cut and donate it, but upkeep is hard, how old is she anyway? If she's shaving her head in solidarity and is reading about cancer I assume she's old enough to make that decision herself, it could be much worse. Just let this one go, the more you try to control the more shes going to rebel and do things to make you mad.

By  Hempseed  |  23

If this is how she chooses to express herself and as long as she's comfortable, then what's the problem?

The fact she felt the need to lie about it and hide the real reason she shaved her head tells me that she clearly isn't comfortable opening up to you.

By  ChibiChibi_fml  |  27

I'm with some of the others on here. I suspect your daughter gave you that reason because she had already, in some fashion, expressed dislike of having hair that long and had gotten a negative response from you and so now has gone the "crazy" route to explain it. Think really hard about whether or not she's ever expressed dislike of her hair and had you shrug it off. If she has, than you know why she actually cut her hair versus what she told you. If she did genuinely cut if off for a friend in a book though, maybe take her to a psychologist for a mental health check-up.