By fishingforubies2 - 24/07/2015 14:02 - Aruba - Oranjestad

Today, it was my first day working at a library. I expected it to be fun and peaceful, not to end up having to call the cops on a guy who started jerking off into a book. FML
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Gives a whole new meaning to the term "book worm".

He was just trying to keep your first day interesting


He was just trying to keep your first day interesting

Maybe he's sexually attracted to dead trees

takes bibliophile to a whole new level!

Keep him away from the children's books.

Must have been an intense book he was reading

Maybe if you read the upper right of it you will find out its not even in America.

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The story is in Aruba, which is a Caribbean island. And no, it's not American-owned like the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Guam.

Hawaii isn't a virgin island. It's a pacific one

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it's not a virgin after I was done with it... no? ok, I'll let myself out

yo #39 it's called separating items in a list with commas. they would've used a : after virgin islands if they were listing some of them.