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Today, my boss came into the office asked how I was doing and seemed totally normal and happy, then said, "I have to let you go. I heard some bad things about you." He wouldn't tell me what he heard, or from whom. FML
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Don't workers need to be informed about what they're being fired for?


Jord_Fox 14

Don't workers need to be informed about what they're being fired for?

<p>I had to hear it from the unemployment office as to the written documented reason my old boss let me go. Its an at will employment and they apparently don't need to tell you a reason now days</p>

depends. some states, Georgia for example, is an at will state. you can be fires and they dont have to tell you anything, likewise, you can quit on the spot and dont have to say why.

Bring it up with HR or file for unemployment. Pretty sure businesses aren't legally allowed to fire you for rumors. That being said if it was a private business, he can. Good luck on figuring it out though, that really sucks.

If he didn't tell you why he fired you, it'd probably be pretty easy to file a wrongful termination lawsuit.

<p>Well do ask him!! Don't you need a reason to be fired, legally? He has to give you the reason.... or sue sue sue ;)&nbsp;</p>

It depends, in some states like Colorado, by law you don't have to give a reason.

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Most states are at will employment states, you can be fired for any reason without cause as long as you are not being explicitly fired for race, religion, gender or age. And even then it's almost impossible to prove they fired you for any of those reasons.

Most every state is at will employment. You can be fired without any cause at all as long as it isn't explicitly discriminatory. And even then, someone can tell you, "I'm firing you because you are an old, black woman, and I do not like you." And unless they put it in writing or you have a plethora of witnesses or the employer has a history of firing people in your demographic, it's almost impossible to prove that they were discriminatory in court.