By ZSL - 17/08/2009 21:41 - United States

Today, I finally worked up the nerve to text the girl I've had a crush on to ask her on a date. I got back the reply, "Error message 3265: Number No Longer In Swrvice." Not only can she not spell, when I looked it up, "error 3265" doesn't even exist. FML
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send her a text saying "you misspelled service, you dumb bitch"


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Uhh dude, the op is a chick. And her crush is apparently very stupid.

realggirl 0

Yeah, no kidding, but maybe she's just not a lesbian?

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hahaha oh my goodness it doesn't sound like you want to be dating that tool anyway OP. I'd say you're better off having had this happen to you rather than him take advantage of you and then find out while in a relationship with him what an ass he is

that doesn't give her an excuse to be a cuntwaffle.

She should text back Error 99: Number could not be reached due to your bitchy stupidness

uhmm how about a phone with a keyboard? no?

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Failure. Just because you have one of those shitty phones without a QWERTY keyboard doesn't mean everyone else does.

that does suck but hey, on the bright side, you saved yourself the trouble of going out with a dumbass :)

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Yeah That must really suck man

Lesbian :O thats probably why you got that message back

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perhaps she is not a lesbian...hmmm

I don't think she wants to grow any balls.

I hope you realized it wasn't a said above she's a lesbian or at least bi. Anyhoo that sucks but i guess maybe you deserve better.

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You guys are clearly the stupid ones. That would have been genius if they spelt service right.

well honestly you are all dumb. being a lesbian is not dumb and obviously if OP liked this girl she was obviously a lesbian but not a smart or nice one. idiots.

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Do you have a point? As for the text, she's a fairly clever douche.

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lmfao hilarious but I feel bad fir ya op!

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that's what you get for asking out someone by text

Well it might be someone on her account. And anyway, he/she deserves it for asking them out via text

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obviously, she doesn't like the girl for her brains

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Are you kidding me? I give major props to the crush for originality. Forget SPaG, no one uses it in texting anyways.

@73 I don't think that the crush is stupid. i think she has a full keyboard on her cell and accidentally pressed w instead of e. It's easy to make that mistake. Sure she's kind of a jerk for sending that in the first place, but I don't think she's dumb.

im with 217. it was probably a mistake, and just now i almost spelled mistake mistakw. its not tht hard 2 make a mistake...

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I agree. Hate when people avoid situations. She couldn't just say she's not interested?!

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I mean, really, it's not that hard to say "Sorry, I'm not interested."

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That sucks. You should now call her and leave her a voicemail.

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she made tht muchh of a freakkinnnn effortt. to make up a fake ass textt... wtff yoooo

that does not require effort at all...

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Why the **** do you feel the need to double all those letters amm i ccoolll nowww?? ****

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OUCH that sucks. :( I'm sorry she did that. It was kinda (very) bitchy.

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it's only bitchy because she found out. she had the right thought, but she was kind of stupid in that reply. i mean, if there was an would try again. that idiot would have had 5 messages on her phone but she proved her stupidity even more. girl...get over her, she's so not worth your time.

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maybe if op grew some balls and asked her out irl

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Hey, at least you got the hint without being subjected to outright embarrassment.

That's very true, never thought of it that way.

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The people who are all "YDI BECAUSE YOU BREATHE" I doubt anyone who clicked it actually ment it. Your better off without her ;) dont worry, OP.

He's asked her out via text. That might warrant a FYI by some people's standards.

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The OP is a chick, not a man.

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i didn't click ydi, but i bet some people did for the text reason, the fact that she actually looked up the code when it was in plain sight that it was misspelled, and the fact that she's obsessing over someone so stupid

ide click FYL... but i dont wanna mess up the 6666 XD

Yeah, asking out with text could warrant a YDI. Also, asking out someone so stupid could justify a YDI as well. But, this does suck quite a bit. That girl is even more of a coward than the OP. She doesn't have the testicular fortitude to reject someone by text?

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#7: out of curiosity, did you derive your name from the phrase you hear every time you open your mouth to speak?

They sorta do deserve it because they didn't ask it in person instead of a lame text. If they really meant it, they would have done it in person

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wait i feel bad and all but why would you look it up?

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im so sick of people ripping fmls off from texts from last (775): Not good, Ive never been this late. We need to talk. (504): Error 1684C: You're last text was undeeliverable. Subscriber is our to the aera. look familiar to anyone else?

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you are so so so right. i read this exact same thing on whoever the OP is, she ripped off tfln.

or maybe the girl the OP texted knew about it? lol

right, this has to be fake because the person from TFLN is the only person in the entire world who has ever done something like that.

Yep. Believe it or not, there are over 6 billion people on earth, and this type of incident can only occur in one location EVER, so better get used to it.