By bobin - United States
  Today, my boyfriend kept falling asleep while he was at my house with me. I tried to have sex with him to help wake him up, but he said he was too tired and fell back asleep. Five minutes later, my friend walks in the room with food. He woke up from the smell and got up to get some for himself. FML
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  ck11_fml  |  1

you're comparing the amount of energy it takes to eat with the amount of energy it takes to have sex? maybe if you just lie there while he does all the work, then it's pretty comparable for you. not so much for him

  VaGino432  |  0

am I the only one who instantly thought her boyfriends a stoner? lol
dude was on one and hungry as fuck.
doesn't explain why he wasn't down to Fuck tho, dudes probably gay. even though weed's a muscle relaxer you can still give a girl the D.