By Anonymous - 31/10/2020 23:02

That's gross, dude

  Today, it's Saturday and a planned date night for my partner and me. He's not showered since Tuesday and was surprised that I requested that he to do so ahead of getting intimate. And he wonders why our sex life isn't better… FML
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By  Yudith  |  20

Have you tried the Thai gambit? Tell him that in Thailand, everybody washes themselves thoroughly before sex. Then refuse to touch him unless he does so. The prospect of daily sex might move him enough to do so...

By  xxlk4xx  |  2

ny ex husband was like that too! when we were dating in high school I had to bribe him with sex in the shower to get him to clean himself.. I stayed with him for almost 8 years! and his teeth? he never brushed those either! I dont know why it took me so long to leave him but I'm so glad I did, it was literally a breath of fresh air!