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By thankspal - 24/06/2012 10:57 - United States

Today, while shopping, I bumped into a guy I knew in high school. He went on about he heard I'd got married, looked like I'd had a baby, and that, "she looks just like you!" The kid was my niece, and my husband broke up with me 2 years ago. Thanks for bringing that up. FML
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Try to move on.... He wasn't TRYING to hurt you.

rachelongaku 9

Ydi for being so sensitive about it. He was trying to be nice to you and start a conversation.


Try to move on.... He wasn't TRYING to hurt you.

Exactly. Him mentioning it isn't going to change the fact that it happened. If it bugs you so bad two years later, go to counseling. It'll be hard to meet someone new if you're still so sensitive about it.

Maybe he was knew she was single again and trying to confirm it to get a date

Inheritance 10

OP ever took in consideration that he didn't know, and wanted a friendly conversation with his old high school pal?

CaramelMacchiato 13

I agree with 19, but does anyone else think its a little weird how her pal from high school brought ALL of that information up? I mean, especially since they just bumped into each other and didn't make any plans.

31- Well, maybe the pal from highschool just read it on Facebook, or they just got out of highschool a couple years ago... You never know.

CaramelMacchiato 13

True, but bringing up all those things at once? I'd be a little creeped out if I was OP. He should have asked her out for a cup of coffee or actually made plans with her before bringing all of that up.

34- yeah, your right. I luv how were having a convo on both FMLS

It sounded like she had her toddler/baby niece with her, had maybe gained a little weight so the HS friend put two and two together. If he thought she was married and the kid looked like her, he probably thought she was doing the family thing.

SystemofaBlink41 27

34- i don't see what's so bad... I mean, what's to get creeped out at? It looks like he was just trying to make a conversation over what he heard. Still, the only thing that would make it creepy is if he was saying it in a "hey-i've-been-looking-at-you-from-afar" way...

34, I didn't know there were taboo topics that can only be brought up over a formal organised meet up. Can we talk about what we do for work or is that also off the table? Maybe a shorter list would be what we can talk about since family is apparently completely out of line. I've broken your rules of social engagement pretty much every single time I've run into someone I haven't seen in a while, please provide us with this list of rules, I can't afford to go around offending more people when I ask how old their child is.

rachelongaku 9

Ydi for being so sensitive about it. He was trying to be nice to you and start a conversation.

Agreed. God forbid that the guy would try to start a conversation....

egc573 40

It seems harder and harder to be friendly when people can get offended over the littlest things. I mean, two months I understand, but two years? There's some bitterness there...

she probably wasn't nasty about it, but he hit a soft spot and it hurt. no one said she's sitting there thinking about her ex all day, but if she loved him and/or it was a messy divorce, it could easily and understandably still hurt even two years later.

p3mguin 7

Yeah stop being a bitch, he didn't know that

Yeah OP there was no way he could of known...

I'm sure he didn't know OP =/ Sorry that happened though :(

bmboente15 0

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You are aware people talk, correct? Then there's Facebook. Plus, some schools have alumni newsletters (who's married, expecting, dead, etc.). Just because you've apparently cut yourself off, doesn't mean other people have to.

If you've been to high school; marriage, going to an amazing uni (Harvard, MIT etc) or death is something everyone hears about. You don't really have to stalk someone to know these things. Intact you hear this stuff for people you don't even know!

11 - you beat me to it... :-)

I would also like to add that if he was in fact a stalker type then I'm sure he would have known that she is now divorced. For me the FML lies in the fact that he said that she looked like she'd had a child when it would seem she hasn't, but that doesn't seem to be what's bothering OP. ?

He made the mistake because she had the child with her, and she probably did gain weight. It was just a common mistake and didn't know she was divorced.

Kurochrome 17

And you didn't tell him this... Why? If it bothered you enough to whine on FML about it, why didn't you interrupt him and tell him the truth?

Oh boo, he's just trying to be nice. Your life isn't over. And this all could have been solved by telling him the simple truth.

He wasn't trying to make you feel bad!

2 years? Maybe move on, tell this guy you left your husband because he couldn't satisfy your enormous sexual appetite and then ask him out.

Deannie88 6

I hate when that happens...I'm pretty sure he didn't mean to hurt your feelings OP. rumors tend to spread like wildfires now-a-days..

It's not a rumor that she got married, it's a fact! And rumors did not spread like wildfire or else he would've heard that she broke up... Now coming to the point that rumors spread like wildfire now-a-days is only true if you wish to tell people. Yes, it's a lot easier to spread the word now due to social media but I for one despise Facebook and all other social websites because they leave no privacy for me and others! Chose what you say to others wisely, don't post everything on the Internet... Your life will be a lot peaceful :-)

Deannie88 6

Oops my bad. I misread the word "looked". Don't get all hostile, there's a word called people's "opinions".

"People's opinions" is a phrase. "Opinions" is a word.

29 - No hostility here... Just my opinion on what I read :-)

Deannie88 6

Sorry. I can't tell if someone is trying to be rude or is jus nice enough to correct me. This is why I never post anything on here. I just read the FMLs :/ Ma Bad..