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OP here. First off, I would like to thank you all for not only putting my FML on here, but also giving me all this feedback! I felt like I would answer some questions. 2 - Note to self: Will try. 8, and several others - I actually do have some French Canadian heritage, but I was born and raised here in the North Shore of Massachusetts. 36 - It's real maple. Thanks for the feedback, everyone! If you're wondering, it tasted like maple syrup.
By TonyTalkingClock - / Tuesday 4 November 2014 12:48 / United States - Haverhill
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Oh my god!... I can't even imagine that! That gave me shivers all over my body! I can NEVER do that! I'm more if a salty person, I could do that with salt but not maple syrup!

  iAmPaul  |  49

Actually OP is American according to his reply. He said he has French-Canadian heritage, but he was born and raised in Massachusetts, thus making him American.

I have English, French, and Ukrainian heritage, but I was born and raised in Canada. Therefore I'm Canadian - I'm not English, I'm not French, and I'm not Ukrainian.

You need to work on your reading comprehension skills.

Paul: 1
Beagle: 0

  fuckdepression  |  13

I'm jumping in. An African American person is an American. Nobody is denying their race or heritage, but they aren't Africans. They were born in America, and they grew up here. Therefore they are Americans.

Paul: still 1
Beagle: still 0

  iAmPaul  |  49


104 perfectly addressed that. An African American (which is simply the politically correct way of saying "black person") is still an American, despite their heritage. Citizenship is different from heritage and race.

Paul: 3
Beagle: -1 for stereotyping us Canadians with "eh"


Excuse my language, but what the FUCKING FUCK? You literally just told someone, #8 , off, then went and contradicted yourself. Uhhhhh.....I hope I'm not the only one who noticed. Dipshit

  iAmPaul  |  49

108 - You... were? You were, what?

Oh and you're insinuating that I reported your comment, which I didn't at all. Stop making false accusations and stop harassing me on my own comments.

For the record, I was always correct and you were always incorrect.


Today, my dad bought me a new laptop for my birthday. That's because he wants to use my old laptop for work, which is more expensive, has better specs, runs faster, and has a wider screen than my new computer. I just got a downgraded laptop as my birthday present. FML

By applebearcat - / Saturday 5 September 2009 05:59 / Malaysia
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