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*sigh* is there nothing better people can think of than:
"That sucks"
"Sounds like a sticky/shitty situation"
If we all wouldn't rush for a first comment, more would be decent

  yahoowizard  |  16

So YouTube it is! They really seem to have lowered their standards for the content filtered (copyright and mature content), so as 10 says, only SOPA stands in your way

  tator1029  |  0

Not always about the parenting. Some kids just rebel. My parents raised me wonderfully and I still rebelled. Hell, I moved out when I was 16. But the parenting does not always control the kids actions. That's all on the kid. If they want to make stupid choices, they will.

  get428  |  7

At what point do you stop blaming the parents and start holding the "kids" accountable for their own decisions/choices and actions.

  robinhood007  |  9

Hahaha kids may rebel but its up to the parents to handle it and take control of the actions of the children. Being nice and a pushover doesnt mean they did a good job. You need to be forcefull at times and really teach your kids what should be expected of them, not just wait until their naked on the news.

  Daftendirekt1  |  0

Dramatic? Her daughter was drunk and naked on the local news... Imagine how many friends and family saw it. Understanding how someone feels doesn't make it dramatic. Just saying...

  GaleHawthorne  |  0

You seem like an Ass at my school. He kept running his mouth, but when he got in a fight, he quit after he got punched once.
Moral of the Story: Smart asses get nowhere.