By MakesMeLol - 18/01/2012 22:30 - Ireland

Today, I turned on the news to see a live report about an increase in crime in my town. One minute in, my drunk daughter appears behind the news reporter, butt naked, dancing. FML
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Did you record it to embarrass her on a major birthday event?


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That is so embarassing... ...for the father.

GoW_Chick 14

Pics or it didn't happen ... That's right I went there. ;)

*sigh* is there nothing better people can think of than: "That sucks" "Sounds like a sticky/shitty situation" If we all wouldn't rush for a first comment, more would be decent

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Notice the guy's name is 'MakesMeLol'.

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Is today "Shitty Parent FML" day?

You never know though, she could have puked after the dancing and that would have taken away from his amusement.

It does suck. Great comment to strident! Lol

It makes total sense that this is from Ireland. Hahaha

#122 Shut your hippie democratic mouth! Stop stereotyping against the Irish! We aren't all drunkards!

Did you record it to embarrass her on a major birthday event?

So YouTube it is! They really seem to have lowered their standards for the content filtered (copyright and mature content), so as 10 says, only SOPA stands in your way

Good thing you saw your daughter naked

Well seeing since this was a male that posted it, I highly doubt that he wanted to see that, let alone record it for embarrassing events later on down the road... Js

the entire nation saw her. no need to record it.

That's his daughter and if he has any decency that will bother him.

# 119- Of course it bothers him; why the hell do you think it's on FML?

Keep your daughter at home for some time, while showing her the recording every day.

Depending on her age of course. But if she still lived at home this would be brilliant

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Are you insinuating incest!? Why! I'd never!

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Are you insinuating you've never heard of sarcasm?

And what does this say about the parenting?

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That no matter what you do your kid might end up naked on your local news channel, and now back to Tom for a look at the weather...

And for all you star gazers out there, there's going to be a full moon tonight.

Not always about the parenting. Some kids just rebel. My parents raised me wonderfully and I still rebelled. Hell, I moved out when I was 16. But the parenting does not always control the kids actions. That's all on the kid. If they want to make stupid choices, they will.

At what point do you stop blaming the parents and start holding the "kids" accountable for their own decisions/choices and actions.

7 - The only way to reply to your question that can provide a confirmed answer, is that you're an idiot.

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When they took away all rights to physically discipline your child.

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Hahaha kids may rebel but its up to the parents to handle it and take control of the actions of the children. Being nice and a pushover doesnt mean they did a good job. You need to be forcefull at times and really teach your kids what should be expected of them, not just wait until their naked on the news.

@156 you shouldn't always be forceful. That's when kids rebel the most. You should aim for a happy medium between lenient and stern.

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Thats funny xD .... I can just imagine how u felt tho:/

the way you worded this makes it sound so much more dramatic than it really is... xD

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Dramatic? Her daughter was drunk and naked on the local news... Imagine how many friends and family saw it. Understanding how someone feels doesn't make it dramatic. Just saying...

No one said anything about drunk. Are you 100% positive she was drunk?

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Pretty sure everyone who actually read this is 100% positive she was drunk.

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95- I really didn't read your comment but I disliked it anyway because I knew it would be idiotic.

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Your comment seemed idiotic in comparison.

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You seem like an Ass at my school. He kept running his mouth, but when he got in a fight, he quit after he got punched once. Moral of the Story: Smart asses get nowhere.

129 u realize u just called urself idiotic right...might wanna revise b4 u send next time