By Username - 31/01/2011 15:47

Today, my boyfriend told me the thing that gets him really horny. Apple sauce. FML
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here's an idea go into the bedroom put on the sexiest lingerie you have and have apple sauce all over your body... itd be the best surprise of his life.. thatll get him in the mood


Strange yes, but it could be worse so who gives a damn? It's just the same as chocolate or something i suppose YDI for having a problem with something someone cannot control.

Applesauce!!! Y u no make lazypopo horny?!?

kofinater 3

I was just reading about this in psych. He probably kissed you or something just after eating apple sauce. so now his body associates apple sauce with intimacy.

Well, at least she can spread it over herself.

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he could be turned on by dead people

OP should drizzle applesauce all over her body and stand in front of her boyfriend.

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WOW, haha that's hot... lol you should make his day and lay naked in his bed with a spoon in one hand and a jar of applesauce in the other. Hahaha... funny sh*t

You know what's weird? 32 Talking to herself with 4 comments.

another good plan 1. stalk op, discover their favorite apple sauce brand and obtain his/her dna 2. sabotage aforementioned favorite apple sauce factory and implant a computer ship in every container 3. program all new apple sauce cups to activate when they come into contact with op's dna, the seemingly innocent cup will than attempt its best austin powers voice and say "do I make you randy baby?" 4. random 60's dancing 5.????????????? 6. Profit!

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it was an accident dillhole... my posts weren't showing on my screen...

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He was talking about 32 not you.

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oh... lol didn't see the numbers yo... my bad

At least it's not cactuses? THAT would be awkward.

When I first read this, I thought it said carcasses instead of cactuses...

FYLDeep 25

Probably because "cactuses" isn't a word.

You know I actually was thinking that it was cacti.

No nevermind. I'm not sure that that's right either...

According to wikipedia, it can be either one. For all you know I could have just changed it to say that, though haha.

I'm not sure why I stuck a comma where I did.

here's an idea go into the bedroom put on the sexiest lingerie you have and have apple sauce all over your body... itd be the best surprise of his life.. thatll get him in the mood

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there you go... now that's being open minded!!! lol how kinky... haha

haha i mean its good for her too, since she can make a trail of applesauce on her body leadin to more of her goods, and he can start lickin it off her, then the fun begins.. so OP make it work i guess

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sounds kinda hot... lol if that's his thing why not go for the gold right?! lol

I think apple sauce is starting to turn me on :o !

hahahaha cess i know i make it sound good lmao

MrBond007_fml 6

wow this all sound really good ( apple sauce break) its turning me on too (apple sauce break) but wouldn't it be funnier and more of an fml ( apple sauce break) if op was allergic to apple sauce, I mean like the whole nine yards with hives and all. I'm going to buy more apple sauce now, anybody else want some?

I could use some apple sauce!! Since I have read this FML I have been craving apple sauce !

CommonSenseKarma 17

All this pre-meditation is scar[r]ing me.

MrBond007_fml 6

gotcha bellymuffins, anyone else? damn it now I want muffins to!

It would be in your best interest to sit criss cross applesauce from now on.

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somebody needs to give this guy a prize . . . how boat a jar of applesauce?!?!?!?

(insert cereal guy pic) i see what you did there

Me? Cinnamon Apple Sauce, I like it spicy!

I have a solution: Tell him to mash you like an apple.