By Pissedoff777 - 12/08/2011 05:33 - United States

Today, my boyfriend found out that if guys eat fruit often, their sperm will taste better. He bought a can of fruit for himself to eat, and said that he bought it just for me. This is the most romantic thing he's ever done. FML
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How sweet of him :)

He's probably going to taste the sperm himself, to see if it actually does make it taste different.

Oh, and btw, it doesn't make it taste better. My friend told me because I would never do that because I'm not gay and like the vajayjay.........

-1 The sweetness will come from him and drool out of OPs nor foodgasmic mouth.

Pixxio_O 11

I don't see anything to complain about op, that's actually really romantic :)

1-I see what you did there.

For you having to clear it up that you are not gay and like "vajayjay" makes me think you are gay..

11 you are a flaming homosexual

Actually, #11, the things you eat do make a difference in what your sperm tastes like. You are what you eat.

DigitalFusion 4

It's not just a matter of eating fruit. You have to change your diet. Red meats and things like garlic asparagus onions etc. Will make the flavor worse. The best thing to improve flavor is pineapple and pineapple juice. I drink pineapple juice on a regular basis, and avoid eating red meat as often as I used to and I can tell you the number of bjs I get has doubled maybe even tripled. Nothing else has changed(same girlfriend, see each other about just as often etc.) I'm a firm believer that your diet makes a difference.

hmm.. become vegetarian for bjs or stick to my normal diet and sex. well. I like neat too much.

68 you have a cute cat:D

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Canned fruit sucks. Get it fresh. I personally stuff my urethra with confetti and cool hwip. Best orgasms ever

Dammit i hate pineapple and love meat

It makes a significant difference. I can tell when my partner has been eating badly that week. Fresh fruit and vegetables are the way to go:)

86: does yours really taste so bad that you have to go on a diet?

Now class, I think we all learned something new today!

RainbowHeadache 2

My boyfriend has a horrible diet of ramen, ma & cheese, & Dr. Pepper yet he tastes fine. I wish I could get him to eat fruit though. Or anything healthy for that matter. Men can seemingly live off of anything.

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so uh if I **** on your face and slap you with my dick that's romantic? good to know

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Fresh pineapple works well or so I've heard.

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68, actually In this case your kids are what you eat.. And second, nice pussy! White ones are my favorite.

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teehee you said pussy

is that true

sparklecherry 4

True 50, true.

jake1632 9

i sure did 169. ha. i also said 69.

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you actually said 68

What a lovely boyfriend :P

He obviously cares about OP's tastebuds.

And it's a good thing he bought it "just for her", because if he didn't, a bunch of girls must be waiting to get his semen in their mouths.

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high on disorder! disorder! dis-oooorrrdddeeerr ...... imma total square, (No Im Not!) Imma ******' paragon threesome with Teddy bears while watching Aragon, Reptar

So, does it?

pineapple works wonders if you eat a lot of it :-)

My Grade 9 science teacher said pineapples work. Btw, she was quite hot too.

I like your gr 9 science teacher but I am curious how this conversation in class came up. I can't really see "making your cum taste better" as a teaching point in a sexuality class.

Yeah, I'm sure his grade 9 teacher didn't get the "point" either.

sourgirl101 28

Pineapple, kiwi, blueberries, I believe it's fruit with an acidy/sweetness. Oh and of corse drinking plenty of water to flush out all those toxins in your system. (:

dtbomb 3

Sounds pretty Romantic to me.

About as romantic as letting her give him a *******.

Romantic.... LIKE A BOSS! a car accident.

What a thoughtful boyfriend!!! I think he is trying to tell you something... :D

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Majstr 23

You better to start peeling those bananas.

Double meaning high-five!

Fruit Ninja Time!

give him a surprise "snowball" and see if he notes any improvement. or get a new bf

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Wow a boyfriend that wants to have sex THE HUMANITY! really?

a girlfriend that desires a little romance, what is she thinking?

Lol, OP's username.

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my gal likes me to drink pineapple juice she says my sperm tastes much better and stay away from asparagus. of course I drink pineapple juice daily so she likes her taste of my sperm every day too.

Umm. . . good for you?

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good for her too. she really loves to suck me off every day.

This guys probably gay^^

Probably doesnt even have a gf.

did u mean your dog?