By Alisha - 30/03/2011 17:28 - United Kingdom

Today, my friends sat me down and said they were concerned I was self-harming. I don't self-harm, I'm just a massive klutz. They don't believe me, and want me to get professional help. And now, because I found it all so funny, they think I'm mentally unhinged. FML
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Seriously have you read most of the FMLs on this site? Be glad you have friends that actually care about you.


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true wat # 24 said at least they care.... they could have just done nothin and leave u with ur insanity :)

OHMYGOD I MODERATED THIS ONE:D . your welcome for giving you this FML:3 .

victoriaax3 - Thank you! Thank you so much for all you do. Without you, we wouldn't have FMLs like this. You are wonderful, and I thank you for everything you do. Oh, and before you sprain your shoulder patting yourself on the back, several hundred other people "moderated" this before a real moderator approved it. You're welcome for giving you that information.

okay no need to be an asshole . don't have to prove everyone wrong to make yourself feel confiedent .

Victoria, I'm not an asshole. I'm a bastard. See? They even gave me this username when I signed up because I'm such a bastard. And I'd just like to point out that I didn't prove anyone wrong, nor do I need to do so to make me feel "confiedent".

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doc stfu no need to be a dick

Ieatcats, I'm so sorry. I wasn't aware that the rules of FML commenting dictate that YOU may tell someone to shut the **** up, but I'm not allowed to verbally castrate someone. I must have missed that part. *rereads FML posting rules* Wait, you mean you were LYING about that? You lying little sack of shit! How dare you! Please do yourself a favor and go **** yourself. Twice.

Warpig, stay out of it, kiddo. KaySL is liable to shove an industrial welder up your ass and weld your mouth shut from the inside.

I believe docs profile pic is the object removed from is ass this morning :)

Because we get ass-raped with lingling's anal sticks twice a day. I know they're designed to give maximum pleasure and minimal pain, but they just ain't working bruh.

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haha I've always secretly wanted to have the pleasure of being beaked by doc bastard ;) but literally he makes my day

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DocBastard just owned all of you, haha

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at least your friends care about you!

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No! Not get new friends they were only trying to help OP out!

why? at least they care enough to express their feelings, and be willing to help you and be beside you even if they think your mentally unhinged. They may be misguided, but those are some true friends you got there.

yeah, think yourself lucky op that your friends care about you a hell of a lot

um her others won't be as concerned as these

okay, either her friends are complete assholes and this is their idea of making fun of op's klutziness, or they are just plain retarded.

Seriously have you read most of the FMLs on this site? Be glad you have friends that actually care about you.

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Start cutting just to show them what real self harm is.

Not only would that be completely stupid to do. OP would just be proving his friends right.

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I thought it was some sound advice. use new razors tho. they won't hurt as much. :)

yeah you might as well sine they already think you have a problem

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you are a dumbass. worst idea ever

#3 that's not funny. Cutting is serious. Trust me. I know

55, as new razors are sharper, they'll hurt way, way more than an older, more blunt razor.

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Wow.. 155 you are an idiot.. Dull leads to more pain..

You guys are all idiots. That's terrible advice, and cutting is very serious. It's not funny at all.

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Cutting is a serious thing. Most people who do it use it as an escape. The fact that you can make a joke about telling someone to self harm is sick. Hopefully you realize just how much telling someone to do that can affect them, or how that isn't really a funny joke.

All of you are dumb asses. Cutting is very serious and can scar you forever. I have a friend who is trying to stop but will have scars for the rest of her life. You are obviously to stupid to realize how serious cutting is.

You're screwed. They'll probaly take turns now to watch you 24/7, and they will try to give meaning to every little thing you do.


Simple solution is to not have stupid friends with no sense of humor...

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Wait until they find that stash of Twilight novels under your bed, then they'll really think you're emo!

Very good point. Well at least she isn't part of that cult that people made cuz they loved twilight. Actually she probably is.

You're being really stereotypical not everyone who self harms makes them emo

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Not all emos self harm. And not all self harmers are emo.

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you're friends luv ya, maybe you DO have a problem and don't realize it >_> no crazy person thinks there crazy! best of luck to ya

Well, if they put you in a straight jacket, at least you can hug yourself?