By Anonymous - 27/04/2012 18:01 - United Kingdom - Hatfield

Today, I introduced my girlfriend to my parents. After she left, they told me they disapprove of her because of her supposedly lower social class. Now I have to either dump her or lose the money they set aside to pay for my university tuition. FML
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Keep her. Pay for your own college. Earn your big boy pants. [and get laid!]

RebekahBrooke 9

love, or a good life?


imsoboss91 5

Oh wow. Good luck on that decision

Date her. Just bring your grades up (assuming they aren't high) and get a full ride to a college of your choice

Wow I said exactly what 3 said. Sorry, great minds think alike...??

Money, love, money, love. Ahhh decisions decisions.

Been there done that. Except my girlfriend dumped me because her parents disapproved of me due to the same reason :(

I agree with 15, with one other point to add in case you don't get a full ride scholarship, financial aid

xoconnie 8

dump her- college is more important

Time for petal picking.

AngelicTide 11

Real parents wouldn't make you choose for such a stupid reason!

If OP wants both, he can secretly date her. :P

Explain to her the difficulty of your situation, gently, and if she understands and is supportive; she's a keeper :) no matter what your parents think.

15- It doesn't work like that over here in the UK. Everyone has to pay regardless

Not quite 164. If you have exceptionally good grades you may get a scholarship which could cover most if not all your tuition fees.

jDCrackpot 7

OP's in the UK- so he can apply for a student loan he doesn't need to pay back until he's earning a certain amount a year, plus there's some bursaries and scholarships that can knock money off the amount you need to pay back. Screw your parents OP, that 'social class' attitude belongs way back in the 20th century. There's always student finance.

UK, yes. Scotland, no. We don't have to pay tuition fees. Scottish Government has our backs here!

none_for_me 5

My girlfriends parents did the same thing. Now it's 23 years later. We paid for all her collage and pharmacy school, and we have been married 22 years. ; ). Either dump her and use your parents money or tell your parents their money don't control you!!

Don't be a ******* fool take the money.

xoconnie 8

15- i dont think u realize how hard it is to get a full scholarship unless u go to a crappy college or community college. If thats where OP wants to go then he should follow ur advice

Fuck ignorant

dammlifesucks 0

same here :(

It doesn't work that way in the UK. Anyway, it's not like the fees are as expensive as they are in the US here. Ok, they're more expensive than they used to be but many many other people will face having to pay back the same loans. And it is quite possible that his parents may have no choice in the matter anyway due to the student finance system.

RebekahBrooke 9

love, or a good life?

How about both? Not everyone goes to university on mom and pop's dime!

RebekahBrooke 9

Well, not everyone can afford it. and student loans are not something you'd want looming over your head. Besides, he should only dump her if he feels as though she won't last. If its true love, then forget the money.

Well a lot of the time people don't know if their relationships are going to last. You can't judge the future of a relationship based on the beginning. It takes a while to truly get to know someone. Plus there's a honeymoon phase where everything is rainbows and butterflies. Tough call, though.

Everyone has their own unique situation. But it IS possible to handle (without relying heavily on loans), if it's truly worth it. There is Always a solution. Always. Sometimes it takes a little more grunt work. You reap what you sow. That being said, thank GOD I didn't wind up with the person I was dating at the end of high school, into the first year or two of college!!!!! For some, being in a relationship going into college can be incredibly limiting to your social life and can screw with your academics. Love can be blind. Maybe the parents can sense something their son can't. If it's all about her family's income though, I scoff at them!

10- chances are that OP has very little money saved up for himself if his parents are paying for his tuiton. It would be hard if your parents take all your money and you have barely any left. You also need your parents signature or at least somebody else's to co-sign for tuition. What if his parents don't do that?

Where was love mentioned? Christ, people should realize not every relationship will last. Agreed with the guy who said it probably wouldn't have worked out anyway.

He probably chose the money

Good life and lie about the love lol

RebekahBrooke 9

That's what I meant. He has to choose between the girl, who he should be in love with and absolutely sure of if he wanted to choose her.

Love and good life are incompatible, choose college, maybe there you'll meet some one.

Sounds like a Shakespeare to me

rhastafish 13

Why not date in secret cause **** it

Keep her. Pay for your own college. Earn your big boy pants. [and get laid!]

Excellent advice

Just secretly date her, tell her your dilemma and let her know you don't want to lose her even if you don't get University money. You'll probably get some pootang too.

Llama_Face89 33

81- that almost never works. Honestly if OP is in high school and living with his parents dating in secrecy will only strain the relationship and ruin it anyway.

nofearjenshere 12

I secretly dated someone for a year because my parents say I can't date until I'm 18. My parents never found out and we never really had any problems with it. So it's not completely impossible. (:

If you're smart enough, get them scholarships son! Fuck your parents ignorance!

MerrikBarbarian 9

107- I disagree. I dated someone for several years without anyone knowing- especially not my parents. It's possible if you can be discrete and not making out in any public spots. Non verbal communication helps a lot. :p

If you let them use money to control you now, then prepare yourself for a lifetime of letting them rule your life. This won't be the last girlfriend they disapprove of. Your life will be controlled by the threat of withholding money.

stevenJB 25

Are you really going to crush somebodies heart just because your parents are complete assholes? Ydi

asianswag 6

From what we know so far he hasn't decided yet

For all we know they could have just started dating a mere week ago. Everyone is talking like it's a new-age Romeo and Juliet that can't bear to be torn apart.

stevenJB 25

Well, I guess both of those are true. :p

amandajlucas2015 2

Ur parents sound like awesome people

The first thing to pop into my head when I read this FML was The Great Gatsby.

How the he'll is everyone thumbing this guy up? That made no sense, how does he deserve his asshole parents? And also he never said whether he broke up with her or not.

I wouldn't dump her because they disapprove but can you actually afford to go to uni without their money?

Do not dump them I don't care if you justly them yesterday. Let your parents decide this based on the reason they gave and the threat they issued you will never have your own life. Grow up get student loans, scholarships, or learn a vocational trade. Plumbers and such make hella good money.

He didnt do it yet, geez

I'm sorry, and I wish you the best when you make your decision. :/

luckyd880 12

HeyKeep their support because family is important and they are only doing what they think is right to keep your mind focused on school. Keep her as your best friend and if it's meant to be, then get married and be together after college when you get a stable job and don't need mommy and daddy's money anymore. It will feel good to prove them wrong in the future and if it doesn't work out with her than at least you didn't give up everything.

Pick both, your parents don't have to know about the girl, just don't bring her home, at this economy I would love to get all the money needed for my education, talk to her, date secretly until education is over, but seriously your parents are assholes, for judging the equality of a human being.

You'd break up with a girl simply because your parents disapprove and would take away your tuition (hoping you don't break up with her)? A lot of students' parents can't afford it, and end up working to go to school. I am sure you can do the same. I know I had too. Or get a student loan..

itsame0987 18

Student loans can help you get through college op. Just make sure to work hard and try for some scholarships as well. Work through college, and save what you make so when you get out of college the payments on the loans don't crush you. Also, my parents forced me to break up with my boyfriend senior year. I am so happy I listened to them. Sometimes parents see things you don't. If it is only about her social class then fyl. Just have a serious talk with them about your relationship.

Pick the girl man

I didn't know he was dating a hermaphrodite. 0.o

Fuck off grammar Nazi, I can't edit from my phone, and I am well aware that I missed a comma.

I thought it was funny :P

If you give here your money, then she will be "upper class" and your parents shouldn't have a problem. But seriously fyl, your parents are close minded.

borkchop1992 15

I would certainly dump her because it probably wont last

So it has come to this...

Not always, my grand-parents have been together since they were12 and my parents been together since they were 15.... There is alway a chance to be happily in love.

She could be worth it.

that sounds like something i wached on the big bang theroy

lebronesque73091 12

I remember that episode! That show is hilarious. Anywho, if you really like her, then don't your parents control your life.