By anonymous - United States
Today, I went with my girlfriend to her parents' house. They told me I smelled of cheap vodka. When I told them I worked in a bio lab and used ethanol a lot, they said I was too stupid to do anything like that. My girlfriend broke up with me because her parents think I'm a drunk. FML
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  fckinbowdown  |  0

ya if your gf is too stupid to understand that you work in a bio lab and thinks your an alcoholic because her parents say so, then she's too dumb for you to date. so fuck her and find someone that can intellectually satisfy you

  lem0n_lim3  |  0

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  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Parents hate their children's current boy/girlfriends to their faces all the time.
Also, it could be this was not the OP's first time over. It may be the OP's first time over soon after getting off work.
Also also, you must not have been around FML long enough to realize just how much of a bitch/bastard people can be.

  cheeter  |  0

why wouldn't the parents say it to his face? there are people who will criticize you by the way you look.
ex. a neighbor said that I rang her doorbell and ran away and she got it on camera. When I looked at the tape I saw my friends ( they're white. I'm black.) and I playing outside and a little 6 year old boy hiding from him. He did it 3 times.

By  raulen  |  0

if she was worth your two cents, she wouldnt be so gullible and shallow minded. Be glad you didnt waste too much of your time with this little girl

By  DameGreyWulf  |  0

What... but... surely she knew where you worked? How could she just break up with you because her parents were wrong?
How fail of her. She is nothing but her parents' puppet. Watch them force her to become a doctor or some prestigious job like that, because it was their dream.

  UberFail79  |  0

Or watch her become one of those annoying rebellious girls who goes out and gets pregnant just to "piss off Mommy and Daddy". God, I hate those kinds of people.

By  marz88  |  0

I hate parents (well not really). Same thing kinda happened to me. FYL for her not asking you for the story as well. I can understand wanting your parents to like your bf etc. But that was wrong you are probably better off.