By uneek14 - 23/06/2009 14:19 - Canada

Today, while reading some chemistry notes, I came across the term "solid water". Completely stumped, I asked myself, "What the hell is solid water?" Then I heard my little cousin say, "Ice." I'm a 4th year science major in university. He still checks the closet for monsters. FML
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It's okay, when you study so much you can have stupid lapses like that.

It happens. You don't really realize what some things are at first, even if it should be obvious.


I made the same mistake in Honors Chemistry this year. Except in front of the whole class. :/ So don't worry; You're not alone. xD

yeah.... =| OP YLIF...! I don't think you deserve it... xD

Hey monsters in the closet is a growing problem/epidemic. Don't make fun of your cousin for being smart and aware

because of the vast amount of information you have, you are allowed to forget the basics, that's common

haha 148! love how your comment connects with your picture :)

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STFU there are monsters in there.

It's not hard to get confused when you're reading chemistry notes, such as heavy water :)

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Made the same mistake ttoo omg #100 :)

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Seriously? Solid water. Not hard. YDI.

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In my opinion, solid water actually usually *is* quite hard.

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So, I have a tough question for you, OP, but it might help you study: can you tell me what liquid ice is? YDI ;)

solid water or hard water in chemistry is act the name given to water containing dissolved calcium carbonate, so yeah, ur a retard

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Well If you took chemistry you'd know that there is heavy water, solid water and whatever the likes. If he's a science Mayjor it is easy to get all these names Mixed up. Thumbs down for all your laughing at him because if he's in a university they are Obviously studying more difficult material and it common to over think alot things.

Take it from a college senior majoring in chemistry, "solid water" is not a the same thing as "hard water." There are times when it is advantageous to use the phrase "solid water" instead of ice, such as when looking at an expanded phase diagram, since water actually has 11 different solid phases.

good job there. Plz tell me your ugly too and therefore have a lower likelihood of passing on your genes.

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Well I hope you're ugly too, because you can't seem to be able to spell correctly. Oh the hypocrisy.

don't mean "you're"? as in: "you're a douchebag who can't spell."

Pointing out when people confuse 'your' with 'you're' was once a decent reason to insult people; but now it's done so often and by so many people, it's just annoying. Give it up.

No matter how many people do a stupid thing, it is still a stupid thing.

It's okay, when you study so much you can have stupid lapses like that.

omg I agree, I hope your excuse is that u study a lot lol. cause if so, you're excused this time

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It's not really a big deal--we all have stoopid moments

I agree, just a stupid lapse. Nothing to complain about. QYB.

It happens. You don't really realize what some things are at first, even if it should be obvious.

Memories memories..I remember reading this fml in 2009 and still remembering it!

Don't see the big deal, everyone forgets something.

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LOL, if that isn't a clear case of the pot calling the kettle black, I don't know what is.

An american would think solid water means steam.

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I would probably do the same thing.

When I officially learned that people say that, "solid water, liquid water" it really bugged me, and it was like "Why not call it ice? and WATER?" The reason they didn't in my class is because, in Astronomy, most of the time they aren't referring to H20. And you've grown up with it having distinct terms for the stage it's in. It's understandable a little kid would get it without thinking about it, they aren't programed yet. It happens, but it isn't an FYL or YDI. It's more like an I've never heard this term before and my younger cousin shed new light on the situation.

Exactly... I was doing a biology test, and one of the questions (this is college mind you) was "Where does the energy used for photosynthesis come from?" And the choices were something like: a. water b. sunlight c. chlorophyll d. mitochondria e. Krebb's Cycle f. Calvin's cycle Now, don't get me wrong, I knew exactly what photosynthesis is; it's the means of converting sunlight to sugar... However... I was thinking this was a trick question that was seeing how much attention we paid to calvins/krebb's cycle, so I randomly guessed between one of the two. Naturally, had I not overthought it, I'd have picked the right answer (sunlight).

Yeah, I agree. Remember, in chemistry we have terms like "dry ice" to refer to something that is *not* H2O. Personally, I'd get "frozen water" much more quickly than "solid water," as "solid water" might mean "water with one element added that solidifies it."