By oldtexas - 13/08/2009 07:27 - United States

Today, I bought a freezer mug that looks like it's full of water. I've been playing tricks on my friends by throwing the empty cup at them. After doing this a few dozen times, my 83 year-old mother came to visit. I played the same trick on her. The joke's on me. My Dad filled the cup. FML
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there isn't laughs after "a few dozen times" he is probably annoying and a moron

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Fake, he would have realized how much heavier it was with the actual water.. It's fake I know it is.

I agree with number 1. U're an idiot and deserve it. Ur mom didn't though...

38: It's funny every time. What are you talking about? lol Doesn't mean he doesn't deserve it though.

he could've thrown the "water" just by picking it straight off a table, not when it was already in his hand.

"chill bra" ... Wow. Your really not cool. Fyl #28

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the same thing happened to my grand-pap haha

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o well, atleast you got to see a rare site, A wet 83 year old milf.

ur a dick for even attempting to prank ur elderly mom... I hope u get ****** up the ass by a homeless man

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88 you're a retard. People in my country speak like that as a joke, not seriously. It's not someone trying to be cool.

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"a few dozen times"? If you're old enough to have an 83 year old mother then you're way too old to be such a douche. Funny once, not dozens of times. Dad was teaching you a lesson.

Ouch. Maybe you should've checked it first before trying to play a trick on your elderly mother. ;)

Today, I realized kids have no sense whatsoever,other than me, why the **** would you even freakin consider throwing a cup at your grandma?! If she's 83 than-no offence-she's probskys going to pass soon. Get a life, don't throw things at people.

Holy CRAP! I just realized your 83 year old mother came to visit not ur grandma!! How old are you, 50?60?

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today i realized people who are too stupid to understand an FML shouldn't be allowed to comment. they didn't actually throw the MUG. they pretended to toss water out of the mug.

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#42 he clearly mentioned that he was "throwing it at them" not pretending to be tossing water at them

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#30 its his mom not grandma edit: whoops double post D:

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it was definetley intentional that he meant throwing the water use logic douche

You didn't notice the weight difference?

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I agree. How could you not notice that you were holding a cup with water?

Maybe they snatched it off the table or something? Regardless it's on him for doing that sorta thing

Its one thing to throw things at your friends, but why would you throw ANYTHING at your 83 year old mom? ydi!!

you are just rude. why would you throw those at people, let alone your 83 year old mother?

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seriously #3 thats what I was going to say. It should be obvious that there was a sudden weight difference.

Op, are you eight or something? Who pretends to throw water on people THAT MANY TIMES. YDI for being immature.

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Um. The OP doesn't mean he actually THREW the mug at people. He just pretended to toss the "water" in the mug at them. And if you quickly pick up a cup and make a throwing motion, you might not notice the weight difference fast enough. I can't stand how critical everyone is here.

aww that sucks, well i am sure your mom might understand...YDI though

YDI for having sexual fantasies about Clay Aiken while you threw that cup!