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By groundedasfuck - 24/05/2014 20:24 - United States - Bessemer

Today, I snuck out of the house to go to a party. When I got back later, I tried climbing back up the rope-ladder I'd set up earlier, leading back through my bedroom window. I was halfway up when it broke free. I sprained both my ankles and had to shamefully ring the doorbell to get back in. FML
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Problem 1) Stupidly sneaking out Problem 2) Stupidly setting up a weak rope ladder Problem 3) Being an idiot This brilliant plot was doomed from the start.

Hope you learned some kind of lesson from this, OP.


Hope you learned some kind of lesson from this, OP.

Yeah, they need to get a better rope ladder.

Or-or OP could develop a responsible, mature part within herself/himself and not sneak out.

I have to disagree with this. Life is short. I am adult now and I missed out on so much as a kid because I was too worried about getting in trouble. OP had to sneak out because the parents weren't ok with the party. The ankles are punishment enough.

Learn to tie a better knot, and use a stronger anchor. Yarrr.

Life is short therefore you should sneak out and party? Underaged drinking is such a good idea (figuring if you have to sneak out you're still living with your parents and under 21), and even if you don't you can still get in trouble for just being there. Yea you may seem "cool" for doing it, but I'd rather be a loser and stay home then go out and party. It's not worth it in the long run. But that's just my opinion.

I'm not frowning at her choice to go to a party. I'm frowning at her decision to disregard her parents and what their wishes may have been. If something bad had happened to OP at that party, her parents would've been devastated to have woken and found their kid missing. When I go to parties, I'll alert my parents (we've established a lot of trust), and give them either friends phone numbers or general area if I'm not home by the next morning. My sister used to sneak out like this a lot, and she's had too many dangerous encounters. Life is too short, you're right, but no one is invincible to dangers of any kind. TL; DR- OP is not invincible, and something could've gone very wrong.

RedPillSucks 31

I'ma go with DomiLove on this. If OP is living at home they need to respect the house rules

#1 "disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history is mans original virtue it is through disobedience that progress is made, through disobedience and through rebellion" Oscar Wilde

Life is short so don't make it any shorter with bad decisions

Let's be honest! Who hasn't tried to sneak out before!!

38 I'm confused on where you got he was under aged drinking? Let alone drinking?

The only lesson to learn here is that OP should get a house key. Keys aren't expensive to have copied!

AnOriginalName 19

#68, it's possible that OP's parents won't give him a key for that exact reason, so that he can't sneak in late at night. It's not too uncommon for that to be the case.

the fact that OP was living with parents and had to sneak out of the house via a rope ladder if the OP is over the legal drinking age why would OP need to sneak out

@38 who said he/she was even drinking?

The only "sneaking out" I have done is going into the garage in the middle of the night and working on my server or a project. My parents only cared if i woke them up because the garage door was squeaky and their bedroom had a hole in the wall for an AC with a thin wood cover over it that went into the garage. Occasionally i had the music turned up too loud.

You're quite the party animal, aren't you?

OP was trying too hard to be a ninja

Only OP wasn't exactly light on his feet

icandothecancan 24

Clearly OP's party animal side is not a monkey or they would have been able to majestically climb their flimsy rope ladder with ease.

Next time tie it down better....

Or maybe next time maybe not sneak out?

Don't vote me down this, but isn't sneaking out ok sometimes. Parties are fun, you can live your entire life following all the rules can you?

How do you not deserve this?

Problem 1) Stupidly sneaking out Problem 2) Stupidly setting up a weak rope ladder Problem 3) Being an idiot This brilliant plot was doomed from the start.

Well doc, OP probably wants a second opinion. I dont think, however, that they deserve one. Should we leave ankles as a painful reminder to stop being an idiot?

The lessons that stick the best are the ones that cost you money or cause you pain. OP will definitely learn a lesson from this one.

Bunch of goody goodies over here jeez. Teens sneak out.

Next time, build a better ladder

Or or wait, hang on, hear me out here...or just DON'T FUCKING SNEAK OUT.

rocker_chick23 27

Or don't sneak out. Problem solved

91hayek 31

Yeah, I clicked YDI because if you're gonna do something, do it right. Sneak around all you want but no sympathy for messing that up just once.

Jesus Christ, please remind everyone in the world to never pull a robbery with you.

OP is probably the cat burglar that fell through the sky light in a botched home invasion and tried to sue the homeowners for damages. While OP won a hefty settlement, they are also an embarrassment among the guild of thieves.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#33 I still can't believe that burglar actually won the case. Freaking ridiculous!

That sounds like something out of a movie lol.

Except dumber and more pathetic.

rocker_chick23 27

Thank God your parents grounded your ass. Karma got you good.

Technically (s)he never said they did unfortunately...

Judging by their username, they were indeed grounded.

rocker_chick23 27

I was going by the Username. Groundedasfuck which to me implies the parents grounded he/she or is going to

OP did indeed get grounded. If not by the parents, then certainly by the fall. In fact, they were grounded so hard that both of their ankles were sprained.

rocker_chick23 27

Either way, karma got them good.

they never said they got grounded, although they did get punished by karma with the ankles, OP deserves a butt whooping too. YDI