By Liz - 01/07/2009 17:41 - United States

Today, I took a bike ride to enjoy the weather and stopped for a break on the sidewalk of an overpass, taking in the view of the beautiful hills. I was approached by a cop, who said to me: "Ma'am, I know your life is crap right now, but I'm sure it'll get better. Please don't jump." FML
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^ did you ever learn to speak english in school?

oogyboogy 6

Obama fan zombie that knows nothing about him because if you did you wouldn't like him the only reason liberals are winning is because acorn they cheat all the liberal news stations ( all except FOX thank God for it) lie and if you didn't lie cheat and own acorn republicans would be winnig all the way

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WELL I HOPE YOU DIDN'T ACTUALLY JUMP!! You should be thankful to this man. He may have saved your life.

Lol, conservatives. While I agree with most of their ideals, they're still pretty kooky. Their religious ideals are great; no so much their anti-judaeochristian beliefs. Oh, and I don't like their prowar stances.

agree'd i think this is bull. If it is true, you should try smiling. :).

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I'm going to reply to the first post to get my comment on the top, even though my comment has nothing to do with the first one!

#86 needs to learn how to ******* spell. and I would've jumped.

same here #86 ndees to laren sepllnig bcausee he is carp at sepllnig^^

skullbashd 3

112 your a retard hahahahahaha 111 was using sarcasm but you obviously have no comprehention

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Maybe a lot of people have jumped and his superior specifically warned him to stop people from jumping, besides, it would make him look bad if someone died on his shift.

he was just doing his job, how would he know better?

Luke16eirb7deneuwn1 20

by I dunno... NOT assuming everyone on a bridge wants to kill themselves

Lol, you must have looked pretty depressed. Kudos to him though.

lyndis_fml 0

Well, now you know better than to stand near overpasses, cliffs and prescription medications. Obviously you've no other reason to be there than to kill yourself.

You probably thought about it after he said that.

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lmao. WHAT did you just say?

What is that strange language? Albainian OP: F that cops life. He just made himself look stupid

Kylias 6

It must be the rare language of Idiocy. Spoken mostly around the northern areas of Idiopia, just south of Gullibilasia.

no it's spoken around homosville (an actual town in USA) to the northwest islands of Iliketorapemen dumbass

safirestar09 0

I could have sworn that was the language they spoke in PunchHimInTheFaceVille.

... Does "**** of Pig" sound like some expensive dinner to anyone else?

WasabiG 11

That cop is either incredibly stupid or incredibly naive.