Spy vs. Spy

By Bree - 15/08/2012 15:15 - United States

Today, my father tried to secretly follow me all day, because he doesn't believe that I have any "real" errands to run or friends to meet with. He's actually convinced that I'm living some secret double life with another family. FML
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Rei_Ayanami 18

Maybe you should pay more attention to and spend more time with your father. He may feel neglected. Or you could make him a tinfoil hat...

Prove him wrong.


You mean "F" like I'm a Fucking dumbass and just wanted to be first, right?

Prove him wrong.

Well by him following her he would be proved wrong very quickly.

GrammarJew 4

If he is thta paranoyd it mite be hard to consince him otterwize

wow 34 did you even go to elementary school??

GrammarJew 4

?Yesh of corse I didnt whi do yoo asc

What if OP really had a second family though =0!

Rei_Ayanami 18

Maybe you should pay more attention to and spend more time with your father. He may feel neglected. Or you could make him a tinfoil hat...

Tinfoil hats make everything better.

skyeyez9 24

I made my daughter a tinfoil hat for the "crazy hat day" at her school. I shaped it like a Hershey's Kiss chocolate and put a white strip of paper on the top with the blue letters "Hershey" Candy hat that doubles as a thought blocker from the govt, and aliens.

#3, i agreed with what you said, i know nowadays Generation does not spend any time with family. Which is wrong, i would do anything to spend any time i got with my family. But again its just me. Everyone have options i guess.

I spend lots of time with my mom but none (if I can avoid it) with my dad. Mainly cause my dads idea of spending time together is giving him feet massages, making him food, building a deck for him and yelling at me for having better grads then he did,having a boyfriend, having a job, being goth, havering more friends than my brother, for being attractive (I get hit on a lot), and for doing to much or to little. No one wants to be around a person like that, regardless of wether or not he's your father.

It's taken me to be in my forties before I finally 'got' my Dad... Is still not a perfect relationship but who knows, maybe we will be close one day.

or op could go to a random group snd say ''Dad, you got the best jokes ever!!!!!''

He's been watching too much Total Recall.

The original movie from 20 years ago was better.

That's where you drive to some random house and walk in, and let him bail you out when you get arrested for breaking into 'your' family's house.

At this point maybe you should actually try and live somewhere else...

Sure. THAT'S a good idea. OP may just be a teenager.

And then he'll REALLY think OP is living a double life.

31, uh, yeah I'm pretty sure that was the point...

41- I realize this. No need to be condescending towards me.

I would say maybe OPs dad is just over protective , but it seems that he truly feels like OP is so antisocial that they're an outcast of some type. Either way FYL , your dad should have a little more faith in you OP.

He sounds like he's got worse issues than that. Are you an adult? I'm not sure proving him wrong is going to help. Sounds like it's time, if you're a teenager, to start saving up for your own place or getting to a college out of town.

If you ask me, it seems like he has some pretty serious psychological issues. OP should really try to get her father some help.

Yup. Was wondering is dad was off his antipsychotic meds and having a delusional episode. Good luck, OP.

MindFreakazoid 10

"Yes father, you caught me, I obviously live on the north pole with a Polish family and other friends. I was incognito until you found me doing fake errands. Oh, and the cake is a lie."

What OP isnt telling us, is that she actually has a secret identity and her dad found out. That's the real FML here.

Your picture and your comment fits perfectly.

I read it in his voice

DINKLEBERG! The first thing I pictured was Timmy's dad being convinced he was living with the Dinklebergs...