By Bree - United States

Spy vs. Spy

Today, my father tried to secretly follow me all day, because he doesn't believe that I have any "real" errands to run or friends to meet with. He's actually convinced that I'm living some secret double life with another family. FML
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  skyeyez9  |  24

I made my daughter a tinfoil hat for the "crazy hat day" at her school. I shaped it like a Hershey's Kiss chocolate and put a white strip of paper on the top with the blue letters "Hershey"
Candy hat that doubles as a thought blocker from the govt, and aliens.

  Qandol  |  26

#3, i agreed with what you said, i know nowadays Generation does not spend any time with family. Which is wrong, i would do anything to spend any time i got with my family. But again its just me. Everyone have options i guess.

  nevereyes  |  31

I spend lots of time with my mom but none (if I can avoid it) with my dad. Mainly cause my dads idea of spending time together is giving him feet massages, making him food, building a deck for him and yelling at me for having better grads then he did,having a boyfriend, having a job, being goth, havering more friends than my brother, for being attractive (I get hit on a lot), and for doing to much or to little. No one wants to be around a person like that, regardless of wether or not he's your father.

  zandalee  |  19

It's taken me to be in my forties before I finally 'got' my Dad... Is still not a perfect relationship but who knows, maybe we will be close one day.

By  Midnightbacon  |  7

I would say maybe OPs dad is just over protective , but it seems that he truly feels like OP is so antisocial that they're an outcast of some type. Either way FYL , your dad should have a little more faith in you OP.

By  Hellbound_Alleee  |  14

He sounds like he's got worse issues than that. Are you an adult? I'm not sure proving him wrong is going to help. Sounds like it's time, if you're a teenager, to start saving up for your own place or getting to a college out of town.

By  MindFreakazoid  |  10

"Yes father, you caught me, I obviously live on the north pole with a Polish family and other friends. I was incognito until you found me doing fake errands. Oh, and the cake is a lie."