By clairebear104 - 19/09/2014 03:15 - United States - Louisville

Today, I went on a blind date. My date would respond to me by saying "retweet" and "favorite" when she thought something was relatable. FML
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Dislike! Kidding. I hope you walked out.

CallMeWindSock 24

Does she also say "LOL" out loud?


Dislike! Kidding. I hope you walked out.

Thumbs up.

If only you could block people in real life...

Friend request denied

you can lol. its called a restraining order

Just unsubscribe

cryssycakesx3 22

should have tweeted her the cost of her half of the date.

No hashtag


CallMeWindSock 24

Does she also say "LOL" out loud?

laylaeve 9

Oo in do that a lot....but my catch phrase is you tube that shit

someone at my deli the other day yelled out OMG, using each letter. I wanted to slap them silly

It might be a guy as op's username is clairebear which suggests she might be a woman

At least you will know if the sex is good, she will want to "retweet" it. If you can put up with it that long

who knows... maybe she's loose.

If OP is bad she'll save for later.

cryssycakesx3 22

"check-in" that pussy

Ohhh God!! i had a date like that once, so annoying! I'm sorry OP.

Part of me wonders if she only did this to try and end the date quickly. I almost prefer that than the thought of people actually talking like that.

There's more than one of these people??

I'm going to share this via Twitter

I'm doing it via facebook!

I'm doing it through MySpace so all the shitty MySpace bands will know about it. And people stuck in 2008

block her:)

How many of you only liked her post because of the pic?

Run, run fast, run hard!

Just say "block" and walk out.

Unfollow and block. Yikes!