By Anonymous - 11/09/2013 14:16 - United States - Portland

Today, I noticed that my car's passenger-side door has cobwebs all over it. FML
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That's okay. The spiders are willing to be your friends and accompany you.

immunetoinsanity 23

Get your friends to clean them off! Oh wait..


Okay...wipe them off

You didn't finish your sentence. Wipe them off...with fire*

rg350dx 29

That OP has finally realized he doesn't clean and possibly maintain his vehicle as often as he should...duh.

I think most of us get the point of the FML, but we all really hate ******* spiders.

Thank you for correcting me #16. Use of fire is encouraged when dealing with spiders and spider webs.

SmallyBigs 9

OP needs some friends :/

I understood that OP probably has no friends to ride shotgun, but my first thought was still "time to get out the napkins and clean that shit"

perdix 29

#12, I know, Alan! Clearly, the point of the story is the OP is raising spiders and doesn't have cobwebs on his driver's-side door, which is cutting his spider range in half. It's so obvious.

RedPillSucks 31

Those spiders that don't **** are pretty cool, though.

Just drive it into a lake. That will get them off

Wiping off the cobwebs are certainly easy enough but I get the notion that the cobwebs also represent the OP's loneliness. Maybe I'm reading far more into it...

#74, you're right. It's supposed to represent his lack of friends or loneliness, something like that.

Dont **** them then.

Yes. I concur

olpally 32

Clean your car op. That's disgusting. :/

badluckdawson 19

You didn't get it...

olpally 32

I get that op should clean his car regardless of having friends or not.

Cleaning is for losers that have lives. I have no life; **** cleaning.

cleaning is for people with no friends. he doesn't have friends so why waste his precious friendless time

70- Cleaning is for people with no friends; He has no friends, therefore he shouldn't waste his time cleaning. What the hell?

That's okay. The spiders are willing to be your friends and accompany you.

This reminds me of Charlottes web :D

Spiders are the root of all evil. Yes, they may befriend you but they may also be planning your death.

No, that's a cat's job

This is one of the dumbest FMLs I've ever read.... Oh no! No one goes in the passengers side so there's cobwebs! Well... Just wipe them off.

Hey, you're carpooling; it's not so bad.

Decorating your car for Halloween or forever alone? Take your pick.

You need more friends.

Nah. Friends are people and people are terrible inventions.

9 - Way to read in between the lines. Proud of yah

immunetoinsanity 23

Get your friends to clean them off! Oh wait..

Try offering some strangers a ride!

What could possibly go wrong?

How about that fellow down the road? His machete looks nice.

RedPillSucks 31

The spiders will protect OP if something goes wrong.

I dont see anything wrong with the plan, infact, we should encourage it everywhere! Lets start at the schools.

TUCK AND ROLL! Then watch your car crash and burst into flames, along with whatever owned those webs.