By Sam l. - 10/11/2012 06:51 - United States

Today, my dog and I were sitting on the couch. I went to the bathroom, came back, and saw him walk over the remote, which caused the TV to change to the Hustler channel, just a few moments before my girlfriend walked through the door. FML
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No one said he was talking about the dog, either.

Gee thanks for that, I was totally unaware of that fact and wasn't at all making a joke regarding the real definition of a bitch.

Aw, shucks. I mutt-n't have read the FML correctly. Can-i-ne try again, or is it to the dog-house for me? My joke looks really a-paw-lling now that you say that.

imavelociraptor 6

This FML isn't even remotely funny.

52- agreed, some people act like Doc is the only one allowed to make puns. Ridiculous.

iOceanus 18

62 - Enough with the "punny" joke. It's not funny :P

I'm still annoyed because even though I have been reading these forever I only just started reading the comments and have never (or I think I haven't) seen this Doc Bastard guy

So my understanding is the gf is judging based on what she saw and not believing what really happened.

tj5810 21

That happens to everyone. *wink wink*

I love those channels! I have 5 in total. 3 straight 1gay 1 lesbian

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Glad you shared your taste in **** with us 76 haha. But for the OP, you shouldn't be ashamed. Either tell her you're really horny or that you were trying to learn some new moves in the the sack for her. Either excuse and you just might get some sexy time. Unless she's a prune and doesn't allow you to watch some ****.

iseyixes 18

Ahhh the old "The dog changed the remote." excuse. I see....

The dog just wanted to see how humans attempted doggy-style.

Inheritance 10

I'd rush back into the bathroom, and come out shortly after she arrived, and pretend like nothing happened. Though then she'd think I was jerking to the sounds.

decidedlyvague 11

That's the only reason he has a dog.

That's bad luck, have fun explaining that one!

It shouldn't be too hard if they're both even remotely mature. If you're so insecure in your relationship that finding your partner watching something sexual offends you or makes you jealous, maybe you're just not mature enough for a relationship.

The girlfriend could be religious. Religions generally grown upon the viewing of pornography. Also, I don't care if my boyfriend watches ****, but I'd still be pretty stunned to walk in on him doing it, especially if he was expecting me to come over.

*frown upon. Sorry. My dog apparently hasn't gotten the hang of this swype thing.

I think I see a new twix commercial in the making...

haha twix gets all their comercial ideas from fml what are you talking about

Yeah right, " the dog stepped on the remote!"

You're still paying for the Hustler channel.

cray_cray 2

At least it wasn't Maleflixxx or HardTV?

Your dog was trying to set the mood for the both of you. I think your dog deserves an extra treat for that.

The dog is obviously male then. If it was female, it'd have gone for Romantica (I guess?), nothing like a latin hot actor throwing flowers and gifts at his beloved on to make a girl horny.

The dog threw you a bone. Return the favor.

Explain what happened , you's will end up laughing about it

wildsweetchild 19

Animals are smarter than you think...probably payed you back for the time when you blamed the doggy for that pile of poop on the floor.