By sadcat - 06/02/2010 15:19 - United States

Today, I took my cat to the vet. He said he felt a strange lump that could be serious. I got really upset and picked her up, crying. The vet then told me I had to put her down. Absolutely devastated by having to euthanize my cat, I passed out. He meant I had to put her back on the table. FML
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Darling_Cherry 5

Hello Sadcat, I'm sorry to hear about the lump in your kitty and hope it's nothing. The misunderstanding sounds hilarious and probably scared the hell out of the doctor. :)

aeslehc_ 0

Hopefully you didn't pass out with your cat in your arms.


Rhinehart 0

First comment! And oh, hope your cat is OK.

1800getalife 0

you are such a pussy!

I'm pretty sure I read that in a joke book

lol damn u r right!!! YDI

MetroidSlayer01 8

blame microsoft

pwincessa23 1

who's the pussy now?! lmfao!

killerviral 0

lol iMac rules

pluralbusted 0

WTF? iMac sucks, the 27 inch has terrible screen problems, it is also non upgradale. I suppose it would be an alright computer... if you are like seventy years old and handicapped

OmgGuessWhatChic 0

ydi for killing michael jackson

safirestar09 0

This is not about how awesome Macs are. This is about OP's stupidity. Although, Macs are a lot better. You know, there's no blue screen of death, no viruses (abou 99.9% of the time), and just all-around epicness.

safirestar09 0

I mean, I've never had a virus and I don't know any Mac users that have. I'm just not sure whether or not it's impossible.

I've always had a pc, and I've never had a virus... Personally I think you have to be pretty stupid in most cases to get a virus.

Chocolate_Chunk 2

142, i think you confused "epicness" with "lizards". Also, if you knew what you're talking about, you would know that macs are really insecure. They had a code execution bug in the text editor not long ago for fucks sake. It's just that no hacker cares about macs. Linux is a target (but still has no virii in the wild) because pretty much every server runs it and windows is a target because pretty much every user runs it, but macs are, as of yet, no target. But maybe they will be some time in the future and then you'll see that even the embarassingly out of date unix core of mac will not rescue it.

so when did your cat say he felt this lump?

yeah seriously, the wording is terrible. unless her cat can speak O_o

um... I've read this joke in two different joke books.

yeah I'm kinda confused too. ydi for having a talking cat.

Herropreez17 0


YDI. Why the hell would you pass out? Or pick her up before the vet was finished in the first place?

that's what I was thinking O_o

Easy: 1. She loves her cat, and was so upset that she wanted to hug it to feel better. 2. On hearing (what she thought was true) that the cat would have to be put down, she was so upset that she passed out.

MF12 0

seriously have you guys never felt any love for anything?.... besides yourselves, I mean

I spent most of my teenage years loving myself, of course it was tough love.

no way.. do u love in the Chicagoland area by chance?

I love in the Chicagoland region. But I also live there.

aeslehc_ 0

Hopefully you didn't pass out with your cat in your arms.

halolord01 2

that's what I was thinking :)

"too bad" u meant.. hihi

sterl13 0

hopefully perdix was there to save the day

first time i have liked something you've commented.

first time I haven't. -_-

perdix 29

You can win 'em all. And I guess you can't lose 'em all, either! Whew!

o0XMzMayX0o 0

yea i dnt like this one :/ OP - poor kitty I hope it will b ok from u falling on it!

sterl13 0

I love perdix

perdix used to be plexico?

Why did he change his user name?

mainiac_zombie_m 0

perdix/plexico> Chuck Norris

Al_HyLo 5

hopefully you did.

Crush89 0

Wow, little too attached there. Your going to be THAT cat lady. hope your ok after the fall tho

eehizle 0


FAIL, now go fuck yourself

KrazyKatz3 26

No... no you're not....

I hope nothing is wrong with your cat!

same. but, OP your kinda a stupid bitch and to chill. I LOVE cats but I wouldn't do that.