By AwkwardFireFly - 09/11/2015 04:31 - Canada - Winnipeg

Today, I finally got a good seat on a plane. I don't know what the man next to me had eaten, but I was trapped for two hours next to him as he let out silent, deadly egg farts the entire trip. There was nowhere to escape. FML
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OP here! Just had to clarify - the seat was a free upgrade due to problems with the previous flight I was supposed to get. Comfortable roomy upgrade. I feel bad if it was a medical issue and did my best not to let it show on my face - however that was not a fun smell for two hours :(

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That's like a whole new level of terrorism.

UhHuhHoney 20

People seriously need to learn when and where to release their internal gassy juices. FYL op, FYL because egg farts are the worst.


UhHuhHoney 20

People seriously need to learn when and where to release their internal gassy juices. FYL op, FYL because egg farts are the worst.

sylvienoir 18

He was probably having stomach issues and couldn't help it. 90% of the time it starts hurting if I hold them in, but they also usually don't stink unless I need to "go".

UhHuhHoney 20

If you're old enough to ride a plane, you're old enough to hold it in or go to the restroom. That's why they're provided on planes.

What about if he has a bowel disorder? Judgemental and un compassionate Spring to mind it's natural

Sometimes you can't hold it in. I'm pretty sure he didn't want to fart a billion times and sit for two hours in an aroma of death egg fart, let alone make other people suffer through it as well. I highly doubt he enjoyed marinating in that awful smell and he probably would've tried to control it if he could. Now he could've at least gone to the bathroom, but he can't spend the whole flight in there either seeing as the flight attendants would be constantly banging on the door asking if he's all right. So it's kind of a lose lose situation in my opinion. Fyl op, but also Fhl and everyone else on board.

I agree. I'm sure the man didn't intentionally do it, it may have been uncontrollable. for as much as it sucked for op, the man was probably really embarrassed.

MonstreBelle 28

A lot of the time there is no winning when it comes to flying. If he had spent the entire flight in the bathroom, people would be complaining about that. A few months ago, I sat next to a woman who was having bowel problems. A few minutes after boarding she asked a flight attendant if she could go to the bathroom and was told she would have to wait. Right as the plane was about to leave the gate, she again called the flight attendant over saying it was an emergency. The flight attendant said if she went to the bathroom it would delay the flight and gave her a look that basically said "don't you dare get up." Passengers around her were giving her dirty looks and making comments under their breath. When she inevitably shit her pants, passengers started yelling about it. When she spent the rest of the flight in the bathroom, passengers yelled about that too. Was it a pleasant flight? No. Did it suck to have to deal with the smell? Yes. But no matter how bad it was for the passengers, it was so much worse for her and I'm sure it was much worse for the man OP was sitting next to. In my experience, when it's as bad as OP says, that means they can't help it and are embarrassed about it. I know if I was in that situation I would want people to have a little bit of compassion and understanding.

That's like a whole new level of terrorism.

glitter is terrorism. farts fade, glitter is forever

Glitter is awesome! *Takes over the world using glitter*

#27 I really hope that was false_stupidity...

Just pull the gas mask above you. They are made for these kinds of situations right ?

That would've hilarious! I would've loved hearing him explain to the flight attendant why he needed the oxygen.

Let out an even worse fart to let him know who's the boss

I believe you said "a good seat on the plane"

Yes, I'd be questioning the value of this "good" seat as it doesn't seem so good now. I just hope that it was not a long flight.

#28 - It says in the FML that the flight was only two hours.

you tried to force it, and it really didn't work

Good thing the other passenger didn't try to force it and end up with a shart.

Time to desperately pry one of those oxygen masks out from the overhead area. I don't think it would work, but you could wear it and stare pointedly at the perpetrator.

mds9986 24

If a person farts on a plane they should be courteous enough to at least open the emergency door and air out the cabin.

Why must everyone go into great details about gas and waste?

Wasn't aware "egg" counts as a great detail.

If this sort of thing offends you then you are on the wrong site.