By Sully - 07/02/2010 00:17 - United States

Today, I was having sex and wanted to move to the wall, so I picked her up, got my foot stuck in my blanket, and dropped her on the floor. FML
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tell her it's a new position **** till you drop

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maybe you should stay in one place? just saying, people are clumsy these days.


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@ 2 I almost died laughing xD

dam I enter to be the first to say FAIL

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#9 changed picture after comment, well played #12

I'm sorry lol. that probably killed the mood. but she should have been holding on. then at least y'all both could have fallen. then you could laugh it off and keep going. if she wasn't pissed.

kinky. Next time you should do it on the kitchen counter and hit her on the head with a skillet. if all else fails you could just resort to ol fashioned whips and chains... I mean yanno.. the boring stuff