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Today, due to plumbing issues, I had to choose between a goosebump-inducing cold or skin-blistering hot shower. This is the 7th day in a row. My husband says it shouldn't be more than another week before he "gets it figured out". FML
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So what did you choose? I had to have a freezing cold shower in Canadian february and it was terrible but I can't imagine skin-blisteringly hot would be any better..


Fill the tub up with hot water and then add some cold water. Then take a bath in the warm water. Saves you from pain

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23 - That's better than what I was thinking. I was thinking to fill the tub up with hot water and let it sit. I guess cold+hot=warm works too.

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What if OP doesn't own a tub?

It could be worse for OP. At least your getting it fixed. My friend doesn't have a water heater and his family isn't planning on getting one. If he doesn't wake up super early to boil water over the stove to use, he takes a shower with the water that is the same temp as outside (its below freezing right now in my state, by the way).

I guarantee if you start trying to work on it yourself your husband will jump up and do it then. Plus you might actually fix it by yourself and really put him to shame! Google and a little effort, you'd surprise yourself!

Check the pipe which comes out of the water heater. It is the 1st to clog. Good luck.

Obviously she is not getting it fix because she is waiting for her husband instead of hiring a professional.

So what did you choose? I had to have a freezing cold shower in Canadian february and it was terrible but I can't imagine skin-blisteringly hot would be any better..

My grandmother lives in Trinidad and still doesn't have a water heater. (That's common in the islands.) Visits are hell!

You should tell your grandmother to do as I do. I always save some warm water in a bowl and put it in the freezer for occasions where there is only cold water. The only problem that when I go to the freezer again some prankster replaces it with a bowl of solid ice! Freakin' jerks...

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Wouldn't it make more sense to install a water cooler rather than a water heater in the Caribbean?

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The smart choice would be to choose a bath and just alternate the temp to make it comfortable

In these situations, I find it's better to take matters into your own hands, and do something about it if you can! Hopefully either he'll get round to it soon, or you know a cheap plumber. I understand your frustration, OP!

That's why it's great to have a dad that is a plumber!

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Yes, but it would be embarrassing to see your dad in a porno.

26, embarrassing?! I think the word is mortifying, or disgusting!

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Give your husband a time limit. If he can't figure it out, tell him that the two of you really need to call a plumber, if you can afford it, because you don't wish to continue like that. Or, if you're good with your hands and with those kind of things, you could try to fix it as well. In the meantime, if the water is boiling hot, you could probably fill the bathtub and then give it awhile to cool down before getting in it. If it's cold, well, maybe it might be best to just take a bird bath and wash your hair. He's your husband, so try to be supportive, but don't let him struggle with it for too long. His pride isn't worth it.

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Or how about she fill the tub half with the hot, and half with the cold. Cut out the wait time.

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55- It's very possible that she could do that, I was just reading the FML as if for whatever reason their water system is malfunctioning so that they can access only the hot or cold, not both at the same time. I'm thinking that if her husband is struggling with it then it might be kind of annoying for him to fiddle it from hot to cold frequently, so maybe just letting the water cool would be best. But, who knows. Whatever works for OP.

Or maybe they don't have a bathtub

Given what I know, which isn't too much, the likelihood is a single knob to control the temperature and the midway point isn't working properly, since hot water is available. More than likely a simple fix but requires tearing it all the way down. It isn't hard to put it back together wrong, lol.

This would make an excellent "Would You Rather"!

That's just ridiculous. Call a professional and have it done in like an hour. Your husband obviously has no idea what he's doing, so step up and just call someone to fix it.

Money might be an issue, because most plumbers are pretty expensive. Otherwise, that's exactly my thought.

Anyone else think it's amazing that the english language has made us lucky enough to have DIY and YDI being so similar to each other? (Although this post is more deserving of a FYL)

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Basically, your amazed that Do starts with the same letter as Deserve, #7. If you're that easily impressed, let me show you my D. It's longer than a Coke can!

The English Language is full of these. I think subconsciously words were given certain letters or sounds because of their properties. Some people have "synesthesia" which essentially makes these connections apparent or more intense for them. In example we consider blue as a boy color And pink as a girl, or the words snake, slither and series are all full of "S"s, and are also all have the property of something long, like the letter itself. Basically I've noticed this too!

Maybe give him an incentive to fix it faster. Barring his access to your plumbing should do the trick..

If you want something done right you have to do it yourself :/

9- Trying to remember the name of the movie where I last heard a woman say that, but she was referring to attempting to experience an ******. :p Pretty versatile yet over-used saying....

I'm just saying she should call the plumber herself if she wants it fixed

First take the cold shower, until your nipples are about to fall off. Then go with a quick hot shower to finish.. yep, that'll get it..