By uhoh901 - 25/03/2010 11:07 - United States

Today, I just had a phone interview with a college. The lady asked me to spell out my password to a site so she can access my test scores. The password was "dick." FML
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Wow. Why would you make that your password? Especially for viewing test scores? Were you getting some at the time to get that A?

haha, looks like you're not going there for school. unless you have so good test scores she might over look it :)


haha, looks like you're not going there for school. unless you have so good test scores she might over look it :)

yup. change your password before applying elsewhere. or just say that's your grandpas name or something.

I laughed so hard reading this lol. hah I'm still laughing.

you dont belong in college

hahaha I lol in ur face hahaha

not necessarily, OP could still get accepted. welcome to college where you will have several chances to get "your password"

this is sum funny ass shit. ydi for that bro but props for being a funny shit hahaha

I thought dick wasn't long enough?

agree with 25, say it's your dogs name or something. or attempt to sound clever, saying 'dickson' is your mums maiden name, and since you're her son you decided to leave it out. :)

You should've just said that was your grandpas name, gotta learn to think on your feet ;) lol

Or it's probably already taken :P lol

The lady that will access your scores wont ask for a pass , maybe a username or ID, and yes the pass is short , must be longer than 4 letters.

OP is a woman /facepalm

yep I agree with 34 u need atleast 5 to like watever it says characters

just say it was your dogs name, like it was called richard so you called it dick

don't say that, that's not cool

34, yours isn't at least

73 is a god amongst men

bahaha #34 I laughed so hard when I read that.

hahaha that made me laugh:))

why the hell would u say it was ur grandpas name just tell her it was dick she won't decline u for that and why would she need ur password

Actually, on tge contrary... College, the semi-professional asylum to life, is just the perfect place. :)

what's ur name holmes? u look familiar

can you have a 4-digit password? i thought the min. was 6.. fake?

hahahaha that's so

she's a girl idiots pay attention to gender before posting }o <~

and ur a girl lol

teekay y is yo hat all shiisled to the side like that dog

what's soo wrong with that..?! there's tons of guys called dick! ur all naugthy....!! just wondering op is guy or girl..? if it's guy must be gay or if girl, must be horny always and think about cock all de time!! lmao

were your test scores on

umm # 9 who's grandpa is going to be named "dick".. lol

he should have just said it is his friends name

ahaha #34 xD does anyone else get it?

I agree! or, since OP is a girl, say it's the name of your boyfriend.

the correct cover up story is that it is the nickname of richard feynman, a scientist you truly admire. but you probably didnt think of that so gl

Oh, I was first... that's...umm great. Not as exciting as I imagined... Ok.

Wow. Why would you make that your password? Especially for viewing test scores? Were you getting some at the time to get that A?

Mhm, there isn't an A in dick :)

haha maybe he had all D's haha get it?

It's a password. Typically only one person is going to be using it. Besides, Dick could have easily been the nickname for Richard, her boyfriend or brother or father ... or at least she could have said that to the lady. I doubt the lady will not accept her for just that.

So... how did you do?

More like "Who did you do?" lol

Why didn't you change your password to something more appropriate when she asked you to spell it out? It's not going to kill you to change it back later. Now you've made yourself look like a douche.

to #5, if he had told her his password was something different she wouldn't have been able to see the test scores. he'd have to change it first, then tell her the new password.

The OP is stupid. 'Nuff said.

That's why you change it and give her the temporary one, genius.

he was on the phone to her while she was typing in the password. he couldn't have changed it to a temporary one right then.

sure he could, if he talked vvvveeerrrryyyy sssslllloooowwww lllliiiikkkeeee....

Last I checked, most phones are cordless nowadays. And my school has never tried to contact me on my cell except by text. Home phone, cordless, with a computer in the house... "Could i get your password please?" "Uh hold on, let me find it." [quick pass change here] "Okay, it's _____" Try again.

wise thinking for the pass, now wait she is going to play with dick

You could have just lied and made out like you had forgotten it.

ROFLMAO!!!! I learned in school not to have those kinds of passwords.

Now we know how you got those good grades. ;)

Just tell her you have a boyfriend named Richard.

I never understood why dick is short for richard

Because Richard = Rich = Rick = Dick? IDK, maybe some guy named Richard used to get called "Dick" all the time and to save face he said it was a nickname.