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  fudgenick  |  4

agree with 25, say it's your dogs name or something. or attempt to sound clever, saying 'dickson' is your mums maiden name, and since you're her son you decided to leave it out. :)

  marc33  |  0

what's soo wrong with that..?! there's tons of guys called dick! ur all naugthy....!! just wondering op is guy or girl..? if it's guy must be gay or if girl, must be horny always and think about cock all de time!! lmao


It's a password. Typically only one person is going to be using it. Besides, Dick could have easily been the nickname for Richard, her boyfriend or brother or father ... or at least she could have said that to the lady. I doubt the lady will not accept her for just that.

By  Lythiaren  |  8

Why didn't you change your password to something more appropriate when she asked you to spell it out? It's not going to kill you to change it back later. Now you've made yourself look like a douche.


to #5, if he had told her his password was something different she wouldn't have been able to see the test scores. he'd have to change it first, then tell her the new password.

  Lythiaren  |  8

Last I checked, most phones are cordless nowadays. And my school has never tried to contact me on my cell except by text. Home phone, cordless, with a computer in the house...

"Could i get your password please?"
"Uh hold on, let me find it." [quick pass change here] "Okay, it's _____"

Try again.

  ScaryyMary  |  14

Because Richard = Rich = Rick = Dick?

IDK, maybe some guy named Richard used to get called "Dick" all the time and to save face he said it was a nickname.