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Today, I was running the drive-thru window at work, when a man pulled up with his dog in the seat next to him. As he was counting out his change, the dog leaned over his hand and drooled all over it. Not only did he pay exclusively in coins, those coins were slimy from dog drool. FML
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Well, the owner can. Employees, on the other hand, will most likely be fired if they refuse service.


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I want to be just like you when I grow up!

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@#1: wow. Ur first. Your mother must be so proud! Get a life. Nobody cares.

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@1 gratz! ur such a pro, can u be my mentor blzlbz? its not that much of a fml..

was the dog drool acid. cause if it wasn't this is no fml

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I agree with this one...I wouldn't have taken the money and refused it...thats disgusting. It's like at bad as some fat woman coming up to pay for her crap and pulling her money out of her disgustingly huge Boobs... ...BOOOOB CHEEESE!

At least it wasn't HIS drool! Canine and feline saliva is close to sterile, so don't worry about it. FYL for having him be so rude as to hand you slimy coins,'s not the worst that could happen.

Actually I'm pretty sure that feline saliva is riddled with various bacteria. If you ever get bit by a cat, you need to head straight to the ER for antibiotics. That's what I learned when I worked at a veterinary hospital.

Ah, yeah, I'd forgotten whether it was canine, feline, or both. I haven't studied non-human anatomy and physiology since high school. Thanks for correcting! And uh mom's cat bites me all the time. O_o

Some people are so rude, but all you really need to do is wash your hands...

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so its a ****** dog there mouths are cleaner then ours!

Not if hey lick... certain things.. >.>

Wipe your dog drool covered hand on his burger.

I new it! So one of the 12 secret herbs and spices is dog drool. Good job my dear Watson. Now we should probably get back to solving who killed those 12 hookers.