By a - 21/05/2009 19:18 - United Kingdom

Today, I got a call saying that my son was chasing all the girls in the class with his "Sword of Death", otherwise known as my dildo. FML
I agree, your life sucks 468
You deserved it 101

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#5, where do you expect her to keep it? In a locked safe behind the picture of Grandma and Grandad hanging at the top of the landing 7ft off the floor with a high-tech alarm system and a self-destruct mode if the fingerprint scanner recognises it to be the fingerprint of someone under the age of 18?

It wasn't being put into use anyways...


YDI for using a dildo. Get a man

yay I'm at the top then I'll be moderated yay!!

It wasn't being put into use anyways...

did his teacher consfiscate it? cuz thatd suck if you had to pick it up from her

oh no he didnt!

#303 i bet the teacher would have used it before returning it haha

@ 325, what if the teach was a guy?

so did he slay any girls

so did he slay any girls

@ 335 He could had still used it if it was a guy ;)

He still would have used it

haha wow. Very funny.

Uh....LOL. Poor kids :(

Why was it where your son could access it?

Exactly. It should be put away somewhere your son can't get to it. Bad parenting.

Coulda been in a drawer.

WOw! How old is he....? I wonder if he knew what it was....

ya your pic is hilarious

I ADORE your picture

any boy old enough to go to school should be able to recognize a penis. He might not know what its used for. But he knows what it is supposed to replace.

Not all dildos look like penises.

He was chasing the girls, so he clearly knew what it was

That is hilariously awesome.

How old is your son? You'd think he'd either be old enough to know what it is... or young enough for you to successfully hide it from him.

Notice that he was chasing "all the girls" in the class. He wasn't just chasing anybody but targeting girls, so the lil' prick must surely be aware of what it was.

if it was glowing it could of been a penisaber