By Anonameow - United States - Fairfax
Today, after driving for four hours to visit my best friend for the New Years break, she still hasn't finished up her skype conversation and left her room to greet me. She knows I'm here. I've spent the last hours watching youtube videos with her cat. FML
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By  Tripartita  |  44

I usually hate watching YouTube videos with cats. I have to sit there, listening about all the inaccurate portrayals of felines in media. "Oh, a real cat would never be this grumpy all the time! Oh, the pupil dilation of the kitten isn't blah blah blah!" Just let me watch the video in peace, cats!

By  rgriff27  |  19

Why didn't you just go in your friends room and bug her until she got the message that she was being rude? If you're close enough that you would drive 4 hours to see her then I don't see why you'd passively sit in the other room while she ignored you.