By Anonymous - 02/10/2013 12:17 - United States - Southfield

Today, the person I've been trying so hard to get with wrote me a beautiful poem that almost everyone at my school saw and liked. It was about how we'd never be together. FML
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skip_m 6

Of me you stalk. Now please go take a walk.


MikaykayUnicorn 36


Woah!! I can only imagine her writing a song about you now. Since you commented about her...

\ 28

"I... I'm too fat for you, you're too fat for me...

Sinistra_Blue 12

Roses are red and violets are violet...damnit, how does it go again?

skip_m 6

Of me you stalk. Now please go take a walk.

... I bet you really sweep the ladies off their feet.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

3 was just making a funny that corresponded with the fml.. geez people. like I would have liked you if you didnt remind me so much of goo. lol or walk away and never come back..for you will never get in the sack.

The sun has rises from her grave, and told the lad, "You must behave." For the moon has seen across the land, what you did with your hand, my Facebook page is not ****, no matter how much you toot your horn. I have seen a child with a larger tool, and everyone knows it in this school so please stopping hanging in my trees sending me bad poetry trying to get in my Math class, saying I have a "yoga ass." Please stop trying far too hard because you are a sack of lard I have taken more attractive ***** so please, stop, this is it. Leave me the **** alone stop calling me at 3 am on the phone stop being such a ******* fool At dawn we duel. --Girl You Will Never Date

Most epic poem madam have won the internet.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

ha! I know...I'll b forever alone.

lol don't get y everyone is hating on 21, she just made a joke

25- i was waiting for someone to make the poem. I wasn't disappointed.

At least they wrote you a poem. Where as people in most relationships don't write each other poetry.

I don't want my boyfriend to write me poetry. I'd find it creepy.

AnthonyWheeler15 24

I'm sorry OP. They're not worth it if they're gonna do that. Keep on swimming!

We will never, ever, ever, get back together.

jw90 18

In this case it'd just be "We will never ever ever, be together.

at least it was beautiful. roses are red violets are blue I will never go out with you.

I actually moderated this one and was hoping it got approved so I could say, I'm sorry OP but just know that karma always kicks also don't let the kids get to you because they are not Worth it.