By nicchick411 - 27/03/2011 15:17 - United States

Today, it's my birthday and my kids made me a card. Unfortunately, my kids used the wall for paper. Now I have red and blue crayon all over my bedroom wall. FML
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I guess it's the thought that counts?

Take a picture, say thank you, and repaint the wall in a while. One day you'll look miss having them around showing you love in their crappy, misguided way.


ryry98 7

kids theses days what's happened to them lol but there thoughtful!

chell1894 13

Aw they were just trying to do something nice. Act a little appreciative.

hobozrule 4

it the thought that counts :D

I remember when I used to do that as a child; unfortunately I also remember my parents having a breakdown about it.

borkchop1992 15

ya but now she has an excuse to beat her kids

Don't stress, OP. Use toothpaste (not gel) to remove marks. Scrub the toothpaste on with a dry sponge and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, rub it off with a damp wash cloth!

be grateful, it could have been a penis drawn on instead, with permanent marker. chances are your teenager will hate you , so enjoy your kids while they last :)

RODEOqueen 0

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser should take it off.

I thought that's why they called it "wall paper"

She can just repain the wall but it takes money, time, and a lot of work.

lilmisslovely13 15

that's not too terrible! i think it's sweet!

delaneybabyy 0

I guess it's the thought that counts?

Haha. I read this comment and then accidentally clicked on 5's picture.

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I was gunna say the same thing lol, there only kids anyway. just paint over it OP:P

I will wait for the Grammar Nazi who shall consume 73.

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kids:D they"ll never learn.

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tktom7's photo made me giggle and also made me think of Harry potter :-P

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I think that's cute. op should keep that on her wall!

Can't you use dry erase marker to remove sharpie? Or nail polish remover?

jerseyboy732 16

thats what you get for telling them to be creative

Well depending on how old they are, this may be kinda cute.

chickunkey 0

Depending on their ages, this can also be mildly disturbing.

At least they got something for you and it's only crayons... happy birthday.

That's why we don't need any more people popping out babies. There's more then enough right now.

wrong spot :P silly fml site or maybe it was these huge fingers i have.

damn those round butt cheeks, frickin hilarious (I'm talking about Patrick's) they're so distracting