By Anonymous - 26/12/2012 18:30 - United States - Bakersfield

Today, while at the store with my mom and baby brother, a guy started to talk to me. Just as he went to give me his number, my mom handed me my brother and said, "Here's your son, your AA meeting's in an hour, let's go." FML
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redhedsaysrawr 18

Troll mom is winning

Twat swat level: EXPERT.


What a way to introduce your family!

rallets 22

what a twat swatter

redhedsaysrawr 18

Troll mom is winning

Hey might as well teach em while theyre young to lie and fabricate stories to avoid potential unpleasantries. def winning at mothering...

Twat swat level: EXPERT.

Definitely Asian level.

I love this comment. And your profile pic. Ahh rainbow road... How I hated you in Mario kart.

In a way You got cock blocked by your mom

Technically, she got beaver dammed.

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I know, right? She's even taking OP to her AA meeting. What a wonderful woman.......

I agree with 5. Motherly instincts y'all know.

Oh yes, protecting her from those evil grocery fiends.

No that's just mom being a hater.

Your mom > my mom

OP's mom > everyone's mom

She certainly does seem like a good influence...

onorexveritas 23

she loves you

Jesus was a man.

n3rd43v3r 10

That's when you wink, lick your lips, and walk away

Your mom is awesome.

Troll level: Overprotective Mom. Lol what a dick move.

TellMeWhatsDeath 14

not overprotective.. just a troll.

Mister_Triangle 21

No, that's not what trolling means; and it's definitely because she thought she was helping (thus overprotective)