Power washed out

By jokada - 10/05/2009 20:39 - United States

Today, while power washing my deck, a bee flew and landed on my leg. Thinking I'd just wash it away before it could sting me, I aimed the power washer nozzle at the bee. A bee sting isn't nearly as painful as power washing your leg. FML
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Yeah... that was pretty much YDI.

boomBOOMshake 0

Wow. That is a YDI, but I would have done the same thing.


Eresbel 0

Yeah... that was pretty much YDI.

spez86 0

stupid bitch ! look what it does to concrete driveways haha hope you learned actully do it again

Wow, to someone that has all the smart comments, grammar and spelling seem to elude you.

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what's with all the FMLs about both bees and fatties eating disgusting things lately?

I've done that before, on my foot, hurts like hell.

spez86 0

Shut up no it isn't. I own one and it's called a power washer. And my dad's friend tried to powerwash his foot; tore the skin right off of it.

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darebear331 4

same here i have a big scar because it was a powerful machine

you are supposed to at least point it at an angle where the water stream isn't coming at full force inflicting pain on your leg, but i haven't tried before so i could be wrong

You guys are both retarded. Both names are often used for it. Just like theres more then one name for a pizza. East siders call it a pie.

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Haha dumbass. bees wont sting you unless you aggravate them. move out the way next time

emily4040 18

Move out of the way of what? The bee was on his leg...

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Wow. That is a YDI, but I would have done the same thing.

Actually bee stings hurt like mad and still smart a while after it happens, so powerwashing it off was a safe bet i'd say.

pozmc 0

actually I know someone who accidently ran a powerwasher across their toes and it cut her skin down to the bone

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What does 'powerwashing' mean ?!

Guido25897 4

It's a really powerful water hose.


#3 there is no food in this FML you moron. OP yeah that musta hurt, although i can understand how you just thought for a split second, oh ill just spray it away..