Poor old Kermit

By FrogMyLife - 30/07/2021 14:59 - United Kingdom - Rickmansworth

Today, I've been single for so long, I very nearly had a wet dream about an anthropomorphic frog. A FROG. FML
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Hey, if you're into frogs, you're just lazy. I understand that it can be difficult get another human to have sex with you, but there are plenty of frogs that are DTF out there. You might have a problem getting one to commit so you're not longer single, but is that so bad if you have a lot of frog **** buddies?

How do you “nearly” have a wet dream…?

Hello my darling hello my honey hello my ragtime gaaaal

Hahaha! You must be really old like me!

bleachedraven 14

No one's gonna ask about a frog in their throat?

No! Bad! You leave Asui alone! She's still underage, dammit!

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times are hard but don't let it get you hot and bothered