Poor old Kermit

By FrogMyLife - 30/07/2021 14:59 - United Kingdom - Rickmansworth

Today, I've been single for so long, I very nearly had a wet dream about an anthropomorphic frog. A FROG. FML
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Stop watching Japanese programs.

Leave Kermit alone


Hey, if you're into frogs, you're just lazy. I understand that it can be difficult get another human to have sex with you, but there are plenty of frogs that are DTF out there. You might have a problem getting one to commit so you're not longer single, but is that so bad if you have a lot of frog fuck buddies?

How do you “nearly” have a wet dream…?

You wake up with an unresolved boner.

Stop watching Japanese programs.

Hello my darling hello my honey hello my ragtime gaaaal

Hahaha! You must be really old like me!

Leave Kermit alone

bleachedraven 14

No one's gonna ask about a frog in their throat?

No! Bad! You leave Asui alone! She's still underage, dammit!

xaonng 5

times are hard but don't let it get you hot and bothered