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Today, a little girl walked up to me at Target and asked me what my name was. I smiled and told her my name was Kristen. She looked at the skirt I was wearing and said, "Kristen, can you wear pants tomorrow?" FML
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Well, Kristen...what did you say? :D

flockz 19

what kind of person wears pants in public?


I am not sure how this is really an FML. :

theHIGHroad2 5

Either your skirt was too short and you looked vulgar and cheap or.. Your legs are too ugly to be shown in public. Just a guess.

Wheres the FML in that? Shes just a little kid.

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I don't know. Seeing a girl walking in the local Walmart with out pants can be disgusting. (can be hot too, but normally if someone is pants-less in public they are 1. Ugly. 2. **** star. :P just saying

In America, #15, trousers are called pants. If you and many other do not understand, the little girl is telling Kristen to wear trousers because she doesn't like Kristen's legs.

Or perhaps Kristen's skirt is really short and you can see her ass if she leans over or bends down.

Either way a young child (little girl) should not say such disrespectful things to an adult. Rude kids.

15, I know **** stars!!! You just made my day with the untrue piece of logic.

Lil_Red777 21

#15 OP said she was wearing a skirt. If you're going to comment at least read it first -_-

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You are stupid it's a little girl

33 - The little girl isn't rude. When young children speak their mind they're usually very honest and blunt. I don't think the girl was trying to be rude, given the fact that she politely asked the OP to wear pants as opposed to saying something like 'ew you've got ugly legs Kristen, wear pants next time'.

If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all

Unless it's funny. Then u can say it even if it isn't nice

You think a little kid thought of all that herself? Asking her name and then insulting her? Dudes and dudets. No. Her parents obviously set her up to it.

Actually I think that little girl is awesome... She did something the OPs true friends should have told her rather than skirting around her feelings...

Like 32, I also think that maybe OP's skirt might have just been too short.

86, Not your or anyone elses call. If it was too short its up to management to make that decision, and since nobody has said anything to her, it clearly meets regulations.

...Oh crap...I just realised it doesn't say she's an employee...Great observational skills, eh? That changes everything, nobody has the right to tell someone what they should be wearing if they aren't in a professional environment. End of story.

Unless they are cops and using the wonderful part of the law called public indecency.

he didnt say all pornstars walk around with no underwear, he said that if she wasnt wearing any then she might've been a **** star (not defending anyone, also a little late, sorry i overslept)

RabidBunny 10

Well, Kristen...what did you say? :D

I bet the boys would disagree with the little girl

olpally 32

I would assume Kristen said what her username is... Lol...

Why is it that there is always that commenter who rushes for first by asking for an unnecessary extension of the FML?

47, it is quite common for people to wish to know more about what happened and wished there was a follow up from the OP. Its not like they commented saying "lol. that sucks."

4- she didn't say anything, she drop kicked the little twerp (at least I would have)

4- jokes on you! My names not Kristen!

lukep135 6

Did you just mispell darndest while trying to correct someone on it?

fthku 13

"Kids say the darndest things" was a show hosted by Bill Cosby. It's shameful that no one got the reference.

Its shameful that you assume nobody got the reference because nobody bothered to say "I see what you did there". We got it, theres just no need to jump up and down letting everyone know we got it.

fthku 13

It's even more shameful that you assumed I meant no one as in no one in the entire website got it, or that I expected a "I see what you did there" comment. (Where the hell did you even pick up on that one?) #89 got thumbed for correcting #5, and that struck me as odd. Even if it wasn't the reason for the thumbs down, it was just an honest mistake on my part; you, on the other hand, are a condescending ass.

andisss 2

did you just misspell the word misspelled? -annoying when someone does it to you, huh?

125, "It's even more shameful that you assumed I meant no one as in no one in the entire website got it" "It's shameful that no one got the reference." - So in your world the words "no one" mean "an undefined number of people with no reference to the reader as to what this number may be - but obviously doesn't mean literally no one"? Your dictionary is broken. "#89 got thumbed for correcting #5, and that struck me as odd." ...And your conclusion is to assume nobody (oh, I mean, an undefined number of people) got it, and not just explain the reference and ask why the thumbs down? "it was just an honest mistake on my part; you, on the other hand, are a condescending ass." con·de·scend·ing/ˌkändəˈsendiNG/Adjective: 1.Acting in a way that betrays a feeling of patronizing superiority. "It's shameful that no one got the reference." I rest my case.

TayonaC 10

Its an fml because she got so hung up over what this kid said and has nothing better to do with her time but post it on this site.

It usually does look odd to wear a long shirt that covers your pants completely. I'm with the little girl. Wear Longer pants or a shorter shirt.

Oh gosh. Thank you. I read it as it was a shirt. That's my fault. Thanks for the correction.

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64, it makes me smile to see someone reacting kindly, and honestly to there own mistake, thank you.

flockz 19

what kind of person wears pants in public?

she meant trousers. Dialectal differences FOL

Goddess_Rummy 13
flockz 19

*whoosh* BAM!! that's a simple little joke going WAY over your heads and hitting the wall. dialetical differences? trousers? what the ****.

flockz 19

and thanks i forgot normal people wear pants in public. let me go back to my cave that's completely isolated from society where i spend all of my days in the nude dancing to Kumbaya.

English people think the word pants as underwear ............ Not trousers ....

wlddog 14

DOWN WITH THE ENGLISH!! Said the English speaking sarcastic monster.

What the hell? Who doesn't wear pants in public? Obviously you need to get out more often...smh

This thread has made me lose faith in humanity

131- KateRAWR meant English people as British people. We're not English, even though we speak it. We're American. I don't even know why her comment was thumbed down so much.

Nevermind, should have checked out your profile, 131.

Flockz I have a great Dane that looks just like that. Cool. Op You should have told that little shit off. I don't care how young she is disrespect should not be tolerated. I wouldn't have been happy until she went back to her mom in tears.

Goddess_Rummy 13

Oh kids say the darnedest things.

Goddess_Rummy 13

Well..... I guess someone already beat me to it.

^Actually no, neither did. It's darndest...

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Well Kristen, tomorrow can you wear a picture that doesn't show your shoulders?

manzylittle3759 6

81 - are you really that desperate to see what seems to be an A cup?


109- Are you really that ignorant that you need to make a mean comment about someone to get your jollies? It's jerks like you who make people feel bad about themselves because of how they were born. What's wrong with you? Did your mother not love you enough as a child. Then again, based on the intelligence level of your comment, you could very well still be an adolescent. (Doesn't feel great to be picked on, does it?)

128 - um.... Lol it's the internet I don't give comments a second thought as none of the people here actually effect my real life. ;-)

Um, well maybe you should. ;-) I think if anyone you know ever kills themselves because of comments people have made to them over the internet, (which happens a lot, don't kid yourself) you WILL care. It will effect you, and you will be mad. Have some compassion.

manzylittle3759 6

109- I'm not desperate, boobs are boobs. And I love them all shapes, colors, and sizes.