Like a dream

By love and tolerape, apparently - 01/03/2015 19:24 - India - Jamshedpur

Today, after a 7-year dry spell, I finally got laid. The downside? It was in my dreams and involved a character from My Little Pony forcing itself on me. Now I hate that fucking stupid show more than ever. FML
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SkyGuy32 17

Maybe you're just subconsciously a brony.

I had the same dream but with Elmo ...


SkyGuy32 17

Maybe you're just subconsciously a brony.

Nothing wrong with being a brony. I have pictures of the ponies on my walls, and they tell me bedtime stories every night. OP is just in denial.

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Don't need your respect. Still will love and tolerate the shit outta ya.

That's ok. I never needed your respect to enjoy certain shows.

My daughter wishes she loved my little pony as much as me. Welshite, do you have a custom made twilight from build-a-bear? I know I'm rocking it !

Our minds do wonders. Personally I dream of zombie apocalypse's.

#13: I don't think anybody (anywhere?) cares much if they have your respect, bro.

Because Everyone Cares about a Random Guys Respect. Get a Life.


I hope all bronies are publicly executed

Will never happen. Even with your hate of Us, We will still love and tolerate ya.

What's up with the FML team? First Shrek FMLs, now MLP FMLs, what's next, Call of Duty FMLs? The team is really diving into 4chan or something.

I would like to point out that I watch this show, with my daughter, and though I am not a brony or a clopper (some one who sexualizes the my little pony show) I do happen to enjoy it. And I don't need your respect about it to feel good with myself

ajs1987 15

What is a "brony?" It sounds like something you should avoid.

A "Brony" is any adult who loves. and appreciates "My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic"

Subconsciously? This is more than subconscious. He has entered clopper territory.

@118 A brony is fan of the My Little Pony series. Normally a name used by male fans, but from what I've seen, females also prefer using it instead of pegasister. Unless you're into/okay with highly nsfw pony works, cloppers are the ones you'd want to avoid.

SkyGuy32 17

Being a brony is perfectly fine in my opinion, but being a clopper is not ok.

ajs1987 15

@127 Is it just little boys who are bronies or are there grown men who are in to that show too? That's kinda weird to think about.

Yup I love dreaming about zombies and the apocalypse ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

kittykat1501 31

16 I do! It sings the theme song

#131 Yes, there are little boy bronies. I know a few irl

that's really gay

Doesn't matter, had sex.

I was going to make a reply about how pathetically wide a net he's casting for his definition of sex but that seems cheap.

they definitely hit the hay ... didn't they?

catchingzzzzzz 10

I hope you were quoting SNL here... "I just had sex"

still counts had sex!

My friend accidentally yelled that to someone who told him that they had kinda had sex but it was actually a rape case.

Did you get bonied by a pony?

He said a character, not specifically one of the mane 6. It could have been Iron Will ;)

Naw. Bulk Biceps. "YYEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!"

You should be glad it was not someone from 'Planet of Apes'. HAH!

What if it was one of the Humans.

I had the same dream but with Elmo ...

Elmo does seem like that type, right? Glad it's not just me

LostInTheZone11 29

I had one with one of girls from the Total Drama series.

I would do Leshawna or Gwen! Who's your pick?

LostInTheZone11 29

Actually it was Samey (Sammy) from this past season.

Oh, never watched after Island.

dannnngthatsux 19

#20, Gwen!

Have you ever been tickled on the inside? Stop touching me, Elmo!

WavRace 14

"My little pony, you'll always be in my dreams."

Wasn't it "You'll always be in my heart"?

WavRace 14

But it's not in OP's heart, it's in his dreams.

MMSINCsidecars 9

At least you know you're not a brony now.

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As far as I know we can dislike a show..even if for some people it's not really "polite"

UhHuhHoney 20

#9 you must be a blast at parties, I can just tell.

Aw damn, some girl on the internet told me I can't dislike a show, I gotta start watching My Little Pony.

19990231 29

In the closet brony, it's okay.