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By Gabriela - 23/11/2011 01:00

Today, while having sex with my boyfriend, he farted. He blamed it on a "nearby frog." FML
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There must be some sick frog outside every time I eat Indian food. I knew it was never me

YDI, you are both quite immature. Something so minor ruins your day. You both deserve each other, so it all works out! Next, your bf will complain you moan while having sex and you'll bitch at him for sounding like a tool when he cums! Have a nice day.

22cute 17

You must be 13. Get over it, people fart.

Those damn tree frogs! They see people getting it on, and they get all excited and start blowin them out! Come to think of it, I got a few living around me!

Shadow, shut the **** up. On like every fml, you find a reason to choose ydi. Like seriously. If someone gets shot in an armed robbery you'd say "ydi for not becoming superman on the spot and pushing their shit in."

On a few FMLs I have, on most I don't. Thanks for your concern though.

Not on every FML but thanks for your concern. Something like this isnt really FYL as much as it would be a little awkward/amusing. And yes I know FMLs don't have to be life threatening and super serious but this just seems stupid.

How do we know it wasn't the frog or Maby it was you

Bubbles1354 0

dude no just stop u dont make sense

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chelsea.....pick u ir phone, its ur bestie hannah and i founds u

And YOU'RE running a close second in the brains department, toots.

psearchery 0

um, what does that have to do with anything? and #16 said "toots", which is usually only used on girls.

Bf: *pfft* Gf: EEEW Bf: It was that frog Gf: *Goes on FML* Readers: HHHAHAHAH UR SOOO FUNNY :D

24 made me laugh really hard. 6 just made me frown in dissapointment.

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What? Who cares if he farts or what he "blames" it on.

Well if you don't want to date someone who farts, you've narrowed your list of possible soulmates RIGHT down...

Surprisingly.... I find that quite untrue :D Farting during sex is a complete turn-off, so is coming up with lame excuses for the obvious. On the plus side, you'll know when he starts cheating on you with the landlady!

At least he didn't try to blame it on you

yodas0da 12

ahaha what a mood killer. does he realize hes suggesting his farts sound like croaking?