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How does a tent "drift away" while you sleep in it?

Didn’t you put stakes in your tent?


Didn’t you put stakes in your tent?

Even without stakes, your weight would keep you from floating away. You would sink.

I guess this was your first time

How does a tent "drift away" while you sleep in it?

Can you explain the science behind this, please? Start with how a frog got into your tent, as I'm assuming it was zipped up. Then move onto how your tent drifted into a pond, because even if you were using a pop-up tent, you were weighing it down, so unless you were pushed in by some other force, you shouldn't have randomly drifted anywhere.

Someone must've pulled the tent and giggled the entire time

Possibly. I also need to know the depth of the pond, because, as Woody82 mentioned, if there was any significant depth, OP and the tent would have sank like a whacked mafia goon in a rolled-up carpet.

maybe the tent has some kind of air mattress floor thing going on, and it slid down a slope into a pond cause they didn't stake the tent down. i dunno how the frog would've gotten in unless their is a gap somewhere.

I'm pretty sure that if you used stakes that wouldn't happen. ydi