By Anonymous

Pills, thrills and bellyaches

Today, I came home from surgery to remove my tonsils. It's a much better surgery to have as a kid, because when you get older it's much more painful. I didn't know my mom liked pain killers. I do now, because I have none left and I haven't even taken any yet. FML
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By  Mungolikecandy  |  19

If she took that many in that time then it is not a case of liking painkillers but your mum is a serious addict.

By  TheCrazedHare  |  7

So, legitimately they are nifty but as someone who has taken them for fun and actually needed them that is messed up. EVEN when I was at my worst I never wanted people who ACTUALLY needed them to go without what they needed because I care about them and dont/didn't want them in pain.

Regardless of any habit you (not you specifically have) if they ever steal or ask when you actually need it they obviously don't care if you are in active pain. What sucks too is pain medication is so regulated you couldn't be able to get a refill. (and IF you did your insurance wouldn't cover it.)

from someone who suffers chronic pain. I'm so sorry, that is shitty and tbh you should call her out.