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  debbyman13  |  19

Sure but she* could always tell him to come back another time. Hard thing to remember all that when you’re on pain meds though. I just enjoy playing devil’s advocate

By  Nikki Imler  |  3

for future reference, if you know you have pills in the house, keep them on you or literally locked up if someone known to have an issue comes to visit. this is going to suck for you because you won't be able to get more.

By  mike3775  |  34

Sucks to be you, but I would call the police, report him, and have him arrested.

When one of my nephews was addicted to drugs, anytime he came over, we locked everything of value up and he wasn’t allowed to wander the house alone and not allowed to wear anything that had pockets.

By  CRC_101  |  31

If this is new to you, I imagine you did not realize he was capable of this. But I hope you realize now the truth is he came over at this time because pill addicts would be hyper-aware that you'd have drugs after surgery and planned to take them. Like others have said, keep your valuables locked up in the future. I'm sorry this happened to you.