Not a sheep, just taking their medication

By Anonymous - 26/08/2021 08:01

Today, I found out that my mom was one those people who willingly takes random doses of livestock dewormer to "fight Covid" instead of getting vaccinated, when she called me from the hospital after poisoning herself with it. FML
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I pay a lot to my vet to get ivermectin for my dog -- the vaccine was free. These people are even more stupid than we thought!

Marcella1016 31

And the logic here is that medicine designed for parasites somehow combats a virus? And that it’s better to pay for this “medicine,” designed for horses, than to get the vaccine, designed for humans, for free? And getting poisoned by verawhateverthefucktin is better than some mild side effects from the vaccine? And you trust doctors to treat you with random medicine that you don’t know what’s in it after you poison yourself, but you don’t trust the same doctors who advise you to get the vaccine, the ingredients of which are all available online? And let me guess...when the horse heart worm medicine (which is only 2% rectowhateverthefuck, by the way) inevitably fails and you get a severe case of COVID (which 99% would have been mild or asymptomatic if you just got the free fucking shot), you will trust and beg the doctors to give you monoclonal antibodies and whatever the fuck else they recommend, even though you also don’t know what’s in it? Damn I feel you. At least you’re not a sheep, right?


I pay a lot to my vet to get ivermectin for my dog -- the vaccine was free. These people are even more stupid than we thought!

Thanatos999 3

the vaccine isn't free, how could the companies make billions if it was free, tax dollars are paying them.

There's no out-of-pocket cost to those who receive the vaccine. It is free to them.

I never understood the "they're making billions from the vaccine" argument. If they REALLY wanted to make billions, they'd create a long-term "cure" for chronic Covid, like, something people would have to take for a very long time. THAT would rake the cash in. Antivaxxers aren't known for thinking things through.

my guy I'm not an anti vaxxer but covid is here to stay and we're likely to be getting boosters yearly if not bi-yearly. come on man

Alan, you can only understand that which is logical. Conspiracy theories are, by definition, not.

Yeah, because the vaccines are pushed by Big Pharma! While Ivermectin is made by fairies and unicorns!

Please have her mental health assessed by a professional. She's a danger to herself.

Thanatos999 3

ivermectin is actually being prescribed by doctors.

In case there was any doubt before - Mom is a fool at best, an idiot at worst. It’s really ironic that some people who think they are “free thinkers” are really the biggest fools of all ignoring actual medical advice and sheepish following the guidance of quacks.

i read this, see the sanitizer get eaten and it really does enforce the sentiment that the average person is too stupid to make decisions for themselves. Yet, off they go to vote with everyone else.

I feel bad that her IQ is smaller than her shoe size, and you came from her...