By son - 18/03/2010 11:15 - Israel

Today, my mom told me that she doesn't want me to help any of my friends get a job at the restaurant I work at. Apparently, she thinks that they would do a better job than me and get me fired. FML
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Well then, prove her wrong. Then go get ice-cream


navybabebridget 0

haha well mother knows best and shes probably right..

greendaygirl999 5

Well I guess that's a hint that you should work harder at your job

lanceypoo 0

or just don't work at all if you fail that hard.

suggestion: work harder

redshortsx 0

hahaha even your mummy thinks you fail at life. you need to see a shrink

Boss: You're fired! OP: Why? Boss: Your mom got the job, it was a clever ploy to get your friends out of the way! MUAHAHA!

haha awesome mom

yes exactly... many fmls end that way,.,

1)make daughter feel bad. 2)get daughter fired. 2)xxxxxx 3)profit

Hahaha this is something I can see my mom doing. Crazy moms, gotta love'em!

Fyl :( that sucks ass

Well then, prove her wrong. Then go get ice-cream

You wil never, never, never live it down if you do and she is right. Don't do it!

Yeah screw my first comment. Don't do it. You're mom might be right and you will never live it down!

rohosoccer08 1

weird, this is from isreal?

How is that weird or "haha"????

was she right about that? because if so u might want to follow her advise.

sublime93 0

Almost positive there was this same FML recently